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10 Proven Facebook Ad Strategies & Tips to increase ROI

10 Proven Facebook Ad Strategies
10 Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

Congratulations on choosing Facebook for promoting your business! When the universe of social media marketing offers a plethora of avenues to advertising, Facebook has an edge over everything else that bustles around.

Can a customary ad posted on Facebook work wonders in increasing your ROI? The answer is a resounding ‘NO’. Learning and working on the best Facebook Ad strategies that would help in business conversions and prospective growth is the need of the hour.

The 10 proven Facebook Ad strategies to augment your ROI are:

Determine your clear goals: 

What is your G-O-A-L? This is the most prominent question to be asked before starting every business action. 

Advertising on Facebook is a real value addition to your business, but listing out the purpose of your ads clearly will help you focus on showcasing things that contribute directly to your search engine optimization results.

What outcomes do you expect at the end of these ad strategies?

  • Establishing brand awareness.
  • Building a viable community.
  • Boosting your website’s organic rankings.
  • Selling your products/ services.
  • Driving traffic to your site.
  • Generating positive leads.
  • Increasing your conversion rate.
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This organized listing will help you in picking up ad strategies that influence goal realization, to the point.

Define who your target audience is:

Who is the heart of your business? Of course, your end users. Segregating your target audience is the most crucial strategy in your business growth. 

Knowing whom to serve will certainly enhance your stand in the competition.

Trying to get your ad to every user of Facebook is a mere waste of time and energy and your ad might fail to get noticed in the eyes of your target group.

Identifying your target audience will aid in customizing your ad according to their individual needs and preferences.

Do a detailed analogy about them:

Recognizing your audience doesn’t serve the purpose until you pitch in to the detailed information about them. 

Learning about your target group can be much easier with troubleshooting tools like Facebook pixel, which helps in tracking what your audience from Facebook do on your website. 

This analytics also helps in retargeting your audience, whereas people who visited your website previously and not converted contributes to about 98% of the prospective buyers and only a small percentage of 2% are new or first time visitors.

Ensure that your ad copies influence the engagement of your users and dig deeper to trace what keeps them engaged and keeps them coming back.

Analyze your ad campaigns: 

Before shooting out your persevering ads on Facebook, analyze the different types of ads and choose on those specific ones that suit your business goals and your customer base. Few of them are:

  • Link click ads – One click takes your audience to a unique landing page on your website.
  • Carousel ads – An influencing series of ads where multiple products and features can be showcased at a stretch.
  • Video ads – Videos convey things more effectively than texts or images.
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For example, personal training outlets can choose video ads to attract fitness freaks with workout strategies and meal plans. 

Let your images and videos speak for themselves:

Make certain that you use rich and attractive images and videos to convey your message and your brand value effectively.  A professional and appropriate choice of images and videos is the absolute secret behind a successful Facebook ad campaign.

An irrelevant or not so suitable image might often misguide your potential buyers. For example, foodie apps, skin care products or apparels can grab the user’s attention in a jiffy with the most appealing pictures.  

Choose a persuasive content strategy: 

Content is the key to every ad campaign and Facebook is not an exception to this universal law. Thinking out of the box is highly essential to keep the audience engaged. 

Let your text be crisp, to the point and trigger the need for the products/services advertised. 

Highlight the most significant value that you need to insist upon to make your brand stand out of the crowd. 

Call to action is a vital part of a compelling content strategy so choose to have one.

Focus on your landing page:

When your Facebook ad campaign blows the trumpet, what turns a visitor into a buyer is the Landing page of your website.

It’s quintessential to seek the professional services of an expert Digital marketing agency to get your landing page optimized with proven SEO strategies.

Confirm that your landing page has everything to convince your visitor. Let it be to the crux with prompt call to action and necessary contact information. 

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An optimized landing page avoids everything that distracts the user including navigation links, social icons and a messy look on a whole.

This is the ultimate invitation card to your visitors. Let it be simple and impressive.

Check on your close competitors:

Keeping an eye on your close competitors is an indispensable move to stay ahead. Tracking the ad strategies and other marketing techniques of your competitors helps you to learn from their mistakes and gear up the marketing moves that you are lagging behind. 

Craft a compelling conversion channel:

Prepare a chart for yourself with all the best marketing practices like ad campaigns, blogs, infographics, giveaways, free ebooks, demos, referral programs and addons to convert an absolute stranger into a delighted customer.

Test and check the effectiveness of your ads:

A winning ad campaign completes its journey only when it’s tested for effectiveness before launching it. 

Measuring the efficacy of your campaign after the launch will support you in retaining the same strategy in the future or to adopt an innovative technique for better on-page conversions.
The best SEO and social media strategy that many marketing strategists use to enhance a company’s growth and returns. It’s time for action! With these proven ad strategies, let Facebook be the face of your progressive business moves!