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3 of the Best Billboards Throughout Austin

3 of the Best Billboards Throughout Austin
3 of the Best Billboards Throughout Austin

Austin, Texas is a booming city full of life and culture, and because of this, the population is growing. With so many people running around, it’s no wonder why Austin billboards are so popular. Locations for Austin billboards are constantly being scoped out and bought up because so many advertisers know that it’s such a good place to advertise.

And even when the population isn’t growing, there are plenty of tourists to come and pay a visit all year round. This is especially the case because of the numerous festivals and celebrations that break out, some of which seem to be planned just because Texans want to party.

And there’s nothing wrong with a good party! After all, a good party has a lot in common with a good billboard.

Be Bold

When you’re designing your Austin billboards, remember that being bold matters. Just like Austin parties, Austin billboards need to be exciting and loud, to the eyes anyway.

The best way to execute this is to make sure that you’re using bold colors, as well as bolding your fonts. All of the best billboards make sure to be eye-catching because your message and advertisement won’t be read if your design doesn’t stand out enough to be seen.

Along these lines, make sure that you’re only using neutral colors when absolutely necessary, and use bold and bright colors whenever possible. Psychologically, neutral colors will fall to the background to the things that are bright and exciting. So don’t let your designs fall to the wayside and stay in people’s peripheral vision.

Consider the Season

Just like parties in Austin, Austin billboards really only make sense if they feel timely. Sure, people will throw parties just to have parties, but they’ll make sure that the mood is right before they announce the theme.

Is there a particularly large festival or party that’s coming up in Austin? What about the holidays? How about any significant Austin heroes’ birthdays or anniversaries?

While some of these hold much more weight in Austin than others, they’re still good to consider. Just like you wouldn’t want to have a St. Patrick’s Day party during New Year’s, you want to make sure that your advertisements are coming out at the right time.

Tax experts would be better off putting up more ads during tax season, for example. However, for some other business types, this might not matter as much, just because of the products or services that they happen to provide. Car accident lawyers, for one, will probably be able to get work for car accidents for most of the year.

Keep it Simple

Keeping in line with the Austin party theme here, it’s also important to keep the design of your billboard pretty simple. While all of the elements of an Austin party might be complex, from the food to the drinks to the decorations, the best parties will have a pretty simple theme that most people will easily be able to get into the mood for.

So, keep your billboard designs simple as well. Make it easy to read, and don’t get too busy. Most people won’t be able to spend too much time looking at your billboard, even if they have a genuine interest in what you’re trying to sell them. So don’t make it hard on your potential customers.

Keep your copy short, keep it easy to read, and avoid having too many complicated images or textures involved in your design. While it might be more aesthetically pleasing if you make your design more complicated, it won’t necessarily make the look of your design more ad-friendly, if that makes any sense.

That also means it’s important to keep your focus on just one message for your Austin billboards. While your company is probably pretty complex and offers many different things, it’s probably best to only give your ad’s audience as few things to focus on as possible. 

If you sell many kinds of insurance, but car insurance is your most popular insurance type sold, maybe you can focus on that. Or, even if your car insurance is doing well, you want your sales in home insurance to pick up a little more in popularity. Maybe you could just focus on increasing home insurance in this particular billboard.

It’s best not to list out all of the things that you provide, and stick to a key message. That’s the best way to have a good billboard and make sure that anyone who sees your ads will have a good and more memorable experience.


Should your Austin billboards really be just like Austin parties? In some ways, yes. But certainly not in all ways. The best practices for billboard design, in general, can be pretty complex, and very un-party-like.

Regardless, the truth of the matter is that parties can teach us some good ways to get and keep the attention of people in advertising, even if you can’t completely model a billboard’s design off of a party scene alone.

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