5 Compelling Reasons To Start Blogging Now

In the competitive world of blogging, you may find yourself questioning whether it’s worth starting your own blog. After all, there are over 153 million blogs and that number grows by the day. 10 years ago blogging was the main method of expressing yourself and having your own little creative corner of the web, nowadays, sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr seem to be the ‘it’ places to express yourself.

But don’t let their domination put you off of blogging.

When you have your own blog you have TOTAL control over the design aspects of it, who can and can’t publish to it, and the choice of content you want to publish. Then there is the money making benefit of having your own blog. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram rely on your content to generate their income, so if you are going to put time and effort into your creative passions then surely you should be the one to reap the rewards.

This article is going to give you five compelling reasons why and how to start a blog and offer you some simple yet useful tips and site-building advice.

Make Money

As we all know, nothing in life is free and we all have bills we need to pay. Blogging can generate a steady passive income stream for you to help pay towards those little things in life that you enjoy. Now, of course, you are not making ‘free’ money, you are working for it. All that time and effort you put into compiling your blog is your work, and monetizing your site with Adsense, short links and the like will generate your pay. As your blog grows in popularity you can also advertise paid product placements and gain sponsorship deals from companies looking at using you as an influencer.

You shouldn’t start a blog just to make money, the priority of your blogging should be because it allows you to express your creative side and share your thoughts with other like-minded people. Generating revenue is an added bonus that can be had from blogging, but don’t make it your number one reason.


Blogging involves having a basic knowledge of keyword research, HTML, CSS, templates, hosting, designing, and the list goes on. Blogging on a site such as WordPress removes most of these complications and makes blogging a simpler more streamlined process. In fact, you can have your content uploaded in the click of a button. Some great WordPress tips are to take advantage of the free plugins offered onsite to help boost traffic and select a ready-made theme that helps your blog flow effortlessly from page to page.

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Unleash Your Creative Side

Whether you write fiction, fact or just for fun, blogging allows you to put what’s in your head into words. When you start to get into a routine with your blog you will find that it opens up a whole new world for your thought process and allows you to become someone else. As you start to connect with your followers and build your blog you will discover what works and what doesn’t work best for you. As stated earlier, the main goal of blogging is to enjoy yourself, have fun and create what you want to create.


When you write a blog, you will soon discover that you are building your own little online community. The people that visit your blog share similar interests with you and can lead to generating useful connections with people who can help your creativity and site performance. As your community provides you feedback via comments and messages, it can give you a whole new perspective further boosting your motivation for writing.

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Improve Your Writing Skills

Blogging helps you learn to become a better writer. As you build your routine you will discover the highs and lows of your writing skills. Perhaps you struggle with sentence construction, fluidity or grammar. The more you write, the more you will start to build patterns and styles that are unique to you.

Starting a blog can sometimes be confusing, but once you make those first few steps and publish your first articles, you will be on the way to becoming an established blogger. The important thing is to take your time to learn as you go along, listen to your follower’s opinions and just have fun.

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