6 Benefits of WordPress Automation

6 Benefits of WordPress Automation
6 Benefits of WordPress Automation

Manually managing your WordPress site takes a lot of time and effort, making WordPress SEO plugins and other add-ons effective. Unfortunately, among the most underutilized are WordPress automation plugins that simplify how you do your business.

WordPress automation is a powerful tool that can save you time maintaining your website. If you’re on the fence about using website automation, these benefits should be something you’d want.

Here are 6 benefits that you can get from WordPress automation for your website.

1.    Provides Better Security

One of the most common issues with WordPress websites is the number of themes, plugins, and other add-ons that you need to update. Automating these tasks can be crucial for your security, which you need to remember when taking care of your website.

For starters, plugin and theme updates are some of the most menial jobs you can do. However, keeping them up to date is essential, considering how outdated plugins can result in exploits and hacks. WordPress has several mechanisms in place to keep all your plugins on their latest stable builds.

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Plugin and theme updates can be fully automated to remove the hassle of tracking everything manually. As long as you got your plugins from trusted sources, you can protect yourself from security issues from poorly updated plugins.

2.    Improves Productivity

WordPress automation works much like AI in the workplace. By removing all the tedious busywork when maintaining your website, you can increase your general productivity. In addition, many automation plugins resolve common problems that you’ll experience for your website.

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Applying WordPress automation to everyday issues can give you time to do more for less. For example, performance checks are crucial to keeping your site in working condition. In addition, details like page load times, 404 errors, and page redirects can affect how your audience perceives your brand.

There are also many issues that you can miss without proper automation. Performance plugins can automate checking for minor problems that can affect site performance, which cuts down on the amount of work you have to do. Rather than waste your time, it can help you do more tasks than handling small performance issues you might find.

3.    Simplifies Payment Collection

Payment collection is one of the biggest concerns for a website. For an eCommerce website to work, it needs the suitable payment processors, set up promos, and even comply with the GDPR for privacy. Simple automation can resolve almost all potential payment processing issues you may have with your website.

For starters, payment automation can help reduce tasks that require you to store and handle sensitive credit card information. Payment gateways can handle everything, from accepting all major credit cards worldwide to preventing the storage of private financial information and much more.

You also have consistent global coverage and simpler payout and encryption, guaranteeing strict security for financial transactions where you need it the most. Most automated payment processors also provide advanced fraud protection to prevent unscrupulous buyers from taking advantage of your business.

4.    Helps Schedule Blog Posts Easier

Most WordPress sites gain visibility by building on their blog posts. Among the many keys to successful blog posting is to have a consistent schedule. This can help improve your site visibility and increase your average daily visitors by helping show value in your products.

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Out of the box, WordPress has everything you need to schedule posts and other content ahead of time. Block editors have a way for you to prepare all your articles one by one, but this can be tedious if you have a lot of posts planned for your content calendar.

Several plugins help you get a good overview of your planned content. By letting you see a calendar view of your posts, you can be sure when posts come out and show which ones still need your guidance.

5.    Automates Backups and Prevents Data Loss

One of the biggest issues that many websites experience is data loss. Imagine having your website for years, and one quick mistake costs you years of work on your business. Some companies do backups, but one forgotten manual backup can set you back weeks’ worth of content.

Automating your backup solutions can help protect you from data loss, especially from hacks and malware infection. Most backup options will even give you a timeline and series of dates so you can pick and choose the right backup in case some options have exploits.

WordPress automation allows you to do backups as often as you want. You can do incremental and sequential backups and even do so every hour if you run time-sensitive content. With an automated backup system in place, you have the peace of mind that you’re not losing any kind of data any time soon.

6.    Improves Cost-Efficiency

Among the many benefits of WordPress automation is cost-efficiency, reducing the cost of site operations. By cutting down on the hours spent on doing menial tasks, you can do more for less. In addition, you’re not wasting precious hours doing something repetitive and unrelated to your business growth.

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When you have to do things manually, you have two options: you either do things yourself or let others do it for you. When you do manual and repetitive stuff yourself, you’re taking yourself away from growth opportunities. The time you can use for expansion is wasted on menial site work.

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The same is true when you hire others to do it. Even if you hire virtual assistants at below minimum wage, you’ll likely end up paying hundreds of dollars for something that an automation plugin can do in a matter of minutes or hours.

Automation can lower your cost every step of the way. You can put a good chunk of the money you save towards other services. You can even hire extra staff to do other things for you.

The Bottom Line

WordPress automation gives you a sizable advantage for the maintenance and support of your website. From automated backups to blog post schedules, the right set of automation plugins and help simplify your daily tasks. These will help you focus on making your site better and more profitable down the line.

Try out WordPress automation now and see if it’s right for you. You’ll amaze yourself with how much more you can do now that you let plugins do the tasks instead.

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