7 Tips to Choose a Successful Domain Name

A good domain name is necessary for your website. To have a prominent online presence, you must acquire the right hosting and domain name at the very start. Some people believe one can always change their domain names later on, but it isn’t a preferred practice. Changing domain names in the future will lead to confusion and unnecessary hassle.  

So, think about a domain name that fits your criteria. At first, it might seem like a tiring task because there are several options available. However, a few tips help you with the best option. With a trendy domain name, your business will surely do well.

Choosing a Successful Name for Your Website 

Your domain name is valuable. After all, it is your site’s identity, and you can’t use any ordinary option. Thus, it is essential to choose something appropriate. You can always take the help of companies offering domain appraisal services to find a valuable name, or you can follow these simple tips. 

Use the .com Extension 

There are multiple extensions available in the market including:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .blog

However, if you have to choose an extension for your business website, go with .com. It is the most recognized and established extension of all. A name with the extension .food or .books might look clever, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem authentic. 

Along with popularity and recognition, the .com extension is also easy to remember. Every non-technical user surfing the internet can quickly write .com at the end of your domain and reach your site. If you use other names, your clients might get confused. 

Use Keywords in Domain Name 

Using keywords in your domain name is a good strategy. These keywords tell the search engine about your website and what you sell to users. In fact, when you combine good quality content with keywords in your domain name, you achieve a better page ranking. 

Still, there is a possibility that your desired username with a keyword isn’t available. In such situations, you will need to think of another domain name that stands out.

Prefer a Short and Easy Name 

It’s good to have a domain name according to your business description but don’t exceed the word limit. Short domain names are always more successful than longer ones. First of all, short names are easy to remember. Furthermore, a user can type them in the search bar without any hurdles. 


A domain name under 15 characters is ideal for you. Along with the length of the domain name, make it easy to read. Complicated spellings or too many special characters decrease the value of your name. For example, using hyphens and numbers isn’t recommended. 

It will also not give a professional look to your users. For a strong impression, a short and simple name is a must. The easier it is for them to remember, the more they visit your page. 

Avoid Double Letters 

Like numbers and hyphens, double letters are also not a feasible addition to your domain name. 

You will see that in most scenarios trending domain names do not have double letters. Avoiding double letters is a great way of making your domain name a success because of the chances of making typos reduce significantly.

A user might forget about double letters, and if he enters the wrong domain name, he will get an error. By avoiding the use of double letters, you make your domain name easy to type and remember. 

Research your Domain Name 

Choosing a domain name doesn’t only comprise of coming up with a name. Researching its availability in the market is also a part of the process. If another business is using a particular domain name, you can’t use it. 

Perform a trademark search, and you will find the availability of a domain name. Upon confirming the availability of the name, register it for yourself. 

In case, someone is using a similar name, try to come up with something different. Similar or matching names can confuse visitors. 

Pick a Brandable Name 

Picking a brandable domain name is more successful. Whether you’re starting a business or a bogging site, you want to grow and for that, your name must be a representation of your brand. 

When your domain name is easy to read, memorable and brandable, you get more clicks on your page. Entrepreneurs can even use artificially intelligent systems that come up with a list of names depending on their needs. 

Leave Room for Expansion

Keeping room for expansion in your domain name is significant. Don’t limit your options because you might want to expand in the future. For example, you may start a clothing line for females but add a kid’s clothing option later.  

So don’t specify your domain name to just one type of product. You will need to opt for a flexible option that you won’t need to change in the future. 

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