9 Branded Office Gift Ideas for New and Current Employees

9 Branded Office Gift Ideas for New and Current Employees

They say that happy employees ensure satisfied customers. Workers who truly believe their management cares about them are typically more productive and tend to do their job more efficiently than those who aren’t shown any recognition. Thus, any committed employer should look after their team and create a friendly and positive working environment. 

When you think of branded items, you may typically think about giveaways to potential customers. But branded merchandise around the office, and as gifts, is a thoughtful way to make employees feel appreciated.  Items they will use during working hours are a logical fit.  According to GoPromotional, these tech gadgets with your logo are particularly popular for staff gifts.

1.   Wireless Charging Pads

Here’s your chance to save your employees from constantly searching for the nearest power outlet. Give your workers the company’s branded wireless chargers, and their most valuable tech gadgets will stay close at hand. With these gifts, charging phones, tablets, and keyboards will be made much more convenient and enjoyable.

You can choose from a broad range of charging devices, including Bluetooth speakers and phone stands. Another great idea is to opt for a wireless charging clock that will easily find its place on your employees’ office desks and shelves. You can also gift your workers a bamboo wireless charging desk organiser that will always come in handy.

2.   Screen Cleaners

Do your employees seem bothered by dust and smudges that constantly make their screens blurry? If so, you might consider giving them branded screen cleaners with the company logo as a token of your gratitude. Surely, the entire staff will appreciate these simple gifts that will keep their mobile phone and tablet screens spotless.

The lucky recipients can utilise these convenient gifts during business meetings and conferences by cleaning their glasses. This way, they’ll probably draw attention to themselves, allowing other attendees to notice your brand’s name. Thus, screen cleaners can become your simplest yet most effective sales boosters.

3.   Bluetooth Speakers

Speaking of a positive working environment, what’s better for cheering up your team than some music? Relaxing tones can help your employees relieve stress and anxiety while keeping their focus on the tasks at hand. With the help of a custom-made Bluetooth speaker featuring your company’s logo, everyone in your team will have a pleasant time during their working hours.

Thus, don’t hesitate to give your employees the gift of music and make their busy days at the office more appealing. If you opt for Bluetooth speakers, you can choose between many meticulous designs. What’s more, they’ll carry your company’s name, always ready to promote it wherever your workers decide to place them.

4.   Brain Teasers

Custom-made brain teasers make perfect gifts for any employee who happens to be a child at heart. Therefore, you could surprise the most competitive people in your team with riddles, logic puzzles, and maths problems. You can also organise a brain-teaser game night at the office and have your employees play and compete for prizes.

Odds are, most of your sharp-witted workers will enjoy solving wooden brain teasers and mind-trap games. They might also like your branded magnetic word games and foam animal puzzles. Besides, you can decide to surprise them with a yes/no keychain game that will likely become one of their favourite tiny gadgets.

5.   Lunch Containers

Employees who bring their lunch are often health and budget conscious. Will appreciate a quality container to transport their food.  Don’t hesitate to show how much you care about the health of your employees by giving them custom-made lunch boxes. Consider even a full set with 3 different sizes.

This sends a message as well that you promote a healthier lifestyle within your company. This can result in your employees happily bringing fruits and veggies as well as homemade meals to the office day after day. Because labelling meals in the break room is essential, you personalise containers featuring the employees’ names under your company’s logo.

6.   Laptop and Tablet Bags

Don’t let your employees’ most valuable tech gadgets like tablets and laptops get scratched or damaged. Instead, give them your branded protective bags and backpacks as gifts they’ll use both inside and outside the office. Thus, your workers will be able to carry their devices safely on their way to work every day.

Custom-made tablet and laptop bags also make brilliant travel essentials. Hence, everyone in your team can carry their valuable documents, gadgets, and electronic devices inside them wherever they go. More importantly, many people will get to notice your brand and remember it. By investing in such useful and high-quality products, you can step up your brand awareness to a whole new level.

7.   Folding and Telescopic Umbrellas

One of the best ways to promote your company and cater to your employees’ needs is to give them branded products that can come in handy even outside the office. For example, personalised goods such as custom-made umbrellas can raise brand exposure and benefit your workers on rainy days. All you’ll need to do is make sure your umbrellas are eye-catching enough so that they draw attention to your company’s name even on the darkest of days.

Still, your custom-made umbrellas can find their purpose inside your workers’ offices, too. For instance, you can advise your team to offer their brollies to clients who always forget theirs at home. After all, the best gifts are those that you can share with others. Also, this could be a win-win situation because your clients will become the ones advertising your brand.

8.   Antibacterial Products

Another great mid-pandemic idea is to show how much you value your team’s safety and well-being. Thus, you can opt for custom-made antibacterial goods that your employees can make use of at work. For example, you can give them your custom-made surgical face masks, cleansing wipes, or antibacterial pens.

Besides, your employees might enjoy sipping coffee from your branded antimicrobial take-away mugs. They may also feel happy to learn there’s a way to relieve the pressure that face masks constantly put on their ears. So, don’t hesitate to surprise your staff with your face-mask straps carrying your brand’s name.

9.   Candles

Last but not least, you can try to make your employees’ office the most comfortable place to be in. More often than not, it’s the little things that make a bare workplace feel like home. So, decorate your workers’ office desks and shelves with your branded scented candles.

Chances are, your team’s busy days will go smoother once their offices are filled with the calming scent of candles. Therefore, you and your employees can go for the classic candles in glass holders featuring your brand’s name. Alternatively, you can select custom-made spa candles that come with wooden lids and have a more distinctive design.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the perfect gift for your employees, you should pick something they can benefit from both inside and outside the office. Once you’ve selected the most suitable present, dress it in your workers’ favourite colours to make sure they instantly fall in love with it. Then, add your company’s logo to the design as the final touch. In the end, your team will proudly showcase the name of your company wherever they go.


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