AdWords extensions currently live on all types of devices

Google AdWords has recently begun showing the Price extension on all devices and you can read on it in detail in the ‘Services’ page of Google+. These days, advertisers can easily specify the extension of a different URL for the mobile devices. As it was stated in the message, price extensions can be targeted to more potential customers without having to do any additional work. You may keep using your present price extension URL or you may even take advantage of the final mobile URL to utilize a different URL for mobile devices.

As per what AdWords has to say, extension prices help to boost the CTR of ads and hence as the company, added this information, the CTR rate of these ads multiplied by at least 120%. Google had launched these extensions of prices in 2017 July and initially, they used to show up in mobile devices only. It was in the month of November that they began to support the Russian language. It was in December 2016 that Google started testing the Price extension in search ads on other hand-held devices like tablets and on 2017 February, on desktops.

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