Best Ways to Create an Effective Sales Forecast

The sales department is the most crucial department of every organization irrespective of their type or size. Because the sales team is responsible for making sales, creating invoices, and generating revenue for your business.

The sales team needs to have the best strategy to increase the conversion rate and make more profits.  The best CRM software is a robust tool for all the sales team to manage their clients with ease. In this blog, let us dive deep into the best ways to create an effective sales forecast. But before that let us understand what is sales forecasting.

What is sales forecasting?

Sales forecasting is a process wherein the business leaders or owners can gauge the future sales for their organization. Many factors influence this but it is essential for business owners to accurately predict future sales. Making accurate sales predictions will help you to make better business decisions that are data-driven. The sales forecast is a prediction of the number of sales that might happen in the given period. As a result, you can keep your business ready for all future challenges to ensure a running and successful business.  The best CRM software in India with AI and ML will help to accurately predict future sales.

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What are the top ways to create an effective sales forecast strategy?

We have compiled a list of top factors that influences the sales for your organization that you can consider for making accurate predictions.

Industry trends:

One of the major trends that influence sales is industry changes. If the industry as a whole is having a meltdown it will impact your sales tremendously. For instance, the recent pandemic showed that the sales of the pharmaceutical industry were rocket high. Parallelly the industries like cinema, tourism, and others had the lowest sales during the pandemic. The best CRM software for startups in India will help you to track the industry trends and evaluate them.

The economy health:

The economy health is also the biggest influencer that affects your sales because people do not have money what will they buy. Hence the countries with poor economies will have lower sales or will sell cheap products. Moreover, if the global economy is down there will be a huge impact on sales because the whole market is down. 

The competitor’s business:

Another aspect that the business leaders or owners need to consider while calculating the sales predictions. It is a proven trend that the sales of any business will go down if the competitor’s sales go up. Because you and your competitors have similar products and services that cater to the same market or target audience. If your customers decide to shop from your competitors because they are getting better offers, prices, or services. The sales percent of your business will have a declining graph because your customers prefer to buy from your competitors. The top customer relationship management software will help to track the competitor’s strategies. 

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New catalog or product launches:

The sales of your business will also get impacted when you are about to launch new products or catalogs. If your business is about to launch a new product the sales of your previous catalog or inventory will go down. Hence, you need to consider a new product or catalog launch when you are calculating the sales forecast. The CRM solutions in India will keep a track of all the new product launches and their sales.

Seasonal sellers:

Seasonal sellers will have a tremendous impact on the sales of the products. For instance, the sales of raincoats, umbrellas, and other rain protective equipment will be high during the monsoon season. Similarly, the sales of winter clothes will increase during the cold season. Hence, the sales team needs to consider seasonal best sellers while calculating the sales forecast. Because the sales of the seasonal sales will be rocket high during that particular season. The cloud-based CRM system will help you to spot the seasonal best-seller and notify you to keep the stocks ready.

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New compliance policies:

Compliance policies also are one of the major influencers that impact the sales of that industry. Because if the government or local governing bodies change the compliance rules it will reduce or increase the sales. For instance, the Indian government banned a particular engine type in the automotive industry, the sales of bikes and cars declined substantially. Additionally, the same government has reduced the stamp duty on all real estate purchases, the sale of houses and other properties increased. The advanced CRM tools will help you track all the compliance updates to ensure your business follows them all.


The top cloud-based CRM software in India will help businesses to accurately predict future sales. As a result, you can keep your business ready for all the challenges that might come up for your organization. Technology Counter will help to select the right CRM tools that will help to make accurate business predictions. 

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