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Bind Ads and AdWords tips from PPC experts – Know before you act

If you’re someone working in PPC, you are definitely always hunting for some great tips to boost performance shape management. This post will tell you about the few PPC tips shared by experts. Read on to know the useful PPC insights, secrets and wisdom from today’s PPC experts.

This is one of the best known PPC gems and it has been given the name of the countdown timer. Being a dynamic ad personalizer, it can be utilized to communicate urgency to an event, a sale or anything which has got a deadline. For instance, “Hurry, a sale will end in the next 2 days” or “Deadline to apply is within 3 weeks” or “Register immediately as the webinar is within 4 days”. You’ll get this feature now in Bing Ads and AdWords as well.

One of the favorite features of experts in AdWords is that they have the permission to build Similar Audiences by utilizing Customer CRM data which we can later on use for search engine campaigns. For those brands which are eager to boost awareness on costly items but who don’t wish to advertise in the total marketplace, this is the feature to use. It narrows down the entire targeting to show ads to those who have similar demographics, traits and physiographic to the customers.

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There are many who still don’t know that there exists in-market audiences or they’re unaware about how to set them. These are nothing but lists of people who come to the market to purchase and they have a better likelihood of engaging with the advertisements. No, they are not like remarketing audiences and these lists aren’t just restrained to the people who have visited your website. They have a broader exposure and will not know your brand from beforehand.

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