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Choose Perfect hosting for your website

Nowadays webmasters have there website lost for the cause of a hosting that wasn’t good enough and was non-reliable. I believe finding the right hosting for you is quite important and one that can fit your budget. I listed some things that I believe are needed in a “good host”.


If it doesn’t have great responding support, don’t go for it at all. Such as you have a sort of problem, what will you do? I believe having a reliable support on your host is quite important, they should be able to respond to your each reply within a few hours. They should answer your question in a professional and fast way, they need to provide you with a good explanation/answer that will solve your problem.

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Up time

This is one of the reasons why some of my peers leave there host. I also would leave if my hosting keeps having significant down times every now and then. I believe that they shouldn’t lie about what they say, as most hosting say that they are up 99.9% of the time,etc. What I prefer you do is go online and search your hosting up and find experiences others had with the hosting you want to be with and see if they have a lot of down times or not.

Site Speed

Wouldn’t you hate that your members are having a bad time on getting to the next page of your website just because of your host? Well believe it or not, it happens quite a lot!  I believe there are a lot of good hosting that keep your website the same speed or a better/faster speed. A lot of people have to switch to different hosts because there hosting has caused there website to slow down dramatically.

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Don’t Be Cheap

When looking for your hosting plan,etc. Don’t go for the cheap stuff unless it is proven great and has all of the above good. What a lot of people I work with do is that they go for the $1 hosting and then complain for having bad service.  If your website is very small go for the small plans, if you have high hopes for your website and it is still growing get the unlimited bandwidth plan,etc.

These are some great ways for you to find the right host for your liking. I have used these to find a great host of my own ( They are really awesome and have amazing support, you guys should check them out as well.

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