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Choosing the Best Small Business Printer

Organizations should consider the best small business printer that is right for them to operate optimally. Inkjet and laser printers offer different finishes that can suit different small businesses. 

For small businesses, print is still heavily relied upon, even in this digital age. In fact, eight in ten small businesses around the world rely on printers to perform daily operations. When printers fail, businesses are forced to fill the gaps with reactive purchases and lose money down the road. Many companies hastily purchase consumer-grade printers and over-work them instead of buying the printer they really need.

Moreover, half of all businesses report that they cannot operate without a printer. Law firms use 240 pages per day, while the auto industry, on average, uses 238 pages per day. Likewise, the healthcare sector can use 178 pages per day. Accounting businesses and finance companies, similarly, can use up to 35.5 and 20.2 pages per day, respectively. 

Print is Not Dead

What is to be gained from using printed paper in businesses? The majority of laboratory studies found that readers learn more from paper than from screens. Furthermore, printed paper encourages a longer attention span and a stronger working memory. Thus, one should not underestimate the power of the printed word. 

However, 53 percent of people own printers that break once a month or more. And, more than half of all internet-connected printers are unsecured. In 2021, attacks on ‘Internet of Things’ devices more than doubled and an unsecured printer can leave your entire network vulnerable. Additionally, less than half of all toner cartridges are reused. Globally, 52 percent of small business owners wish printer companies understood the challenges they face while the majority of owners find it difficult to source reliable office supplies. 

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Small businesses are left to determine: ink or laser? Black printer ink, compared to insulin and nail polish, is relatively very expensive. Moreover, most printers waste much of their ink cartridges on cleaning and maintenance. Also, many printers will not print in black ink if color cartridges are low. Laser toner, on the other hand, is usually less expensive and prints faster than ink. It also does not dry up or expire. 

In Conclusion

Nearly half of small business owners say they need their printers to be all-in-one machines that perform tasks other than printing and are looking to replace dated technology with the solutions of the future. Thus, small businesses need to make an informed decision about their printing needs.

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