Cloud Storage in 2014

Cloud Storage systems these days tend to be linked in some way or another with companies sharing services for their storage solutions. Take Amazons S3 storage for example. On as it seems, this seems like a run of the mill storage service but it isn’t. Far from it. In fact, most of the top online storage providers out there make use of amazons back bone and literally sell on storage on their own services whilst utilising the super fast back-bone which Amazon S3 uses. This is something to think about when deciding who to use for your own requirements. Of course, there are different solutions out there but if you want super fast, secure and strong. The S3 service is for sure the back bone to be utilising. There are other solutions around for sure, but when it comes to being secure, you need to know who is reliable.
When it comes down to online storage, mobile users also make up most of the users or audience. Mobiles these days tend to be able to hold a hell of a lot of data but usually, this gets used quickly. Phones tend to hold important photos and audio, the sort of things you don’t want to lose so this is where online storage comes in. Most of the major online storage companies offer a mobile app which will let you literally select files from your phone and send the data up to the cloud. In addition to that, you can also keep your phone permanently sync’d with the backup program so any file you make on your handset can automatically be sent up. This is a great way to save storage and also make your files easily accessible and at any time. Sounds good right?

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When it comes to online storage, it can often be a hard task to find a provider who is capable to fit your needs. This goes for home users and profiessional individuals. Of course, corporate users for the most part can be more picky than your average home based user as their data for the most part tends to be more business critical. That’s not to say that your personal date, photos and music isn’t important but it’s not business critical. Luckily for both personal users and business customers alike, there is a way to cater for both. The truth is, solution providers offer products which will both suit home users and business users. Sure, the costs differ, for the most part, but it’s still the same company providing you with the service. There is also some cross over with home based customers who need a lot of data leaning towards more business level or commercial solutions.

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