Content marketing trends to leverage in 2016-2017

Too many brands have adopted content marketing as their most vital strategy to attract the largest number of visitors. Many among them have started with their own blogs and have sought the benefit of the content climate. The main issue which is faced by the majority of the businesses is that they become impatient about waiting for 6 months or more for traffic but what is it that makes traffic rolling to your website? If you’re looking forward to the some of the best content marketing strategies to follow, here are some that you may consider.

Strategy #1: Consumers can go to any extent and pay for educating content

The internet is a place for free information and a user is assumed to search for any kind of free alternative for any paid solution. You must have heard of the torrent websites which are immensely popular for downloading free movies. At the same time, there is hthe uge demand for curated content as well. Consumers are always looking for a packaged version of the content that you offer so that it influences them in the biggest way possible. Curated content can have a tremendous impact on the number of sales of your company.

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Strategy #2: Organic reach will considerably decline in the years to come

For the past few years, people have been depending on social media platforms as they have played a dominant role in content popularity. They happen to be the most popular platforms for people to get information and news. But off late, social media sites especially Facebook has been reducing the level of organic reach that brands can obtain free of cost for advertising. Due to this, content marketers are forced to think about production of content in a different way.

Strategy #3: The widening quality gap

When it comes to content, there has always been a quality gap but recently it has been growing wider as more and more brands enter the game of content marketing. A very small percentage of content produced on the net gets shares or likes. Meanwhile, the contents which fail to live up to the level of ‘quality’ end up generating no such meaningful attention. Due to a rise in expectations, the quality gap keeps growing larger.


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