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Facebook Marketing Tips for Local and Small Business Owners

Facebook has a massive audience, experiencing nearly two billion active users monthly, and almost a billion users in a day. For small firms and businesses, there are only a handful number of megaphones as convenient and as secure like Facebook.

With that being said, there are a lot of small firms and businesses still not realizing the potential Facebook has for marketing and advertising, and how effectively it can impact in promoting the business.

With the prices increasing at a rapid pace for advertising on Facebook, and the reduction of the organic reach, there is still a considerable amount of value that many small firms and businesses may take advantage through Facebook.

1) Massive Audience = Potential Customers:

The problem lies in the lack of knowledge. Many potentially small business groups are not aware of Facebook and how they can use it to turn their businesses into profits. Though this article has a lot to offer and we will be discussing Facebook and its qualities.

2) Reviews:

There are plenty of factors due to which you would want to open up your Facebook reviews. Most importantly, the reviews given by customers give you an idea about your performance and how can you improve it. If you encounter a lot of negative reviews, then you will be able to understand that changes are required in your business and what can you do about it.

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Understand the perspective of the customers and take notes of the feedback they give about your product or service, and put to good use by tuning up your performance, and upgrading the performance.

3) Create an Impacting Profile:

Everything is associated with your profile. Similar to your business website, users can understand quickly if you have put in effort into your work or not. However, the difference is that you don’t have to be an IT and web expert in resolving these issues, it is crucial to fill up your profile with authentic and complete information.

Write down the number of hours you work, complete address, phone number, etc. Fill out a description which describes your company in the best ways. Make good use of the 154 characters. The customers who visit your page regularly will get tons of benefit from the information you provide to them.

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Also, you can add relevant images of the products, menus, and location – or anything people would wish to see to finalize if they want to do business with you or not. The key is to provide them with complete information, so they do not doubt working with you.

Make sure that the cover photo of your profile is catchy and unique. A cover photo which has nothing exciting to offer will not attract a lot of audiences. Put a decent profile picture to attract more customers.

4) Don’t Tell, Show what you can:

Adding visual content like photos, videos and images have the chance that your content is more like to be shared forty times more in comparison to the non-visual content.

If you are planning to improve your engagement, expand your message to a broad audience, and generate more leads. For this, adding up visual elements may enhance the overall quality of the post.

These visuals may range from anything like pictures from the events, infographics, and many more. When planning to add images to your profile, always remember to understand the aspect and nature of your business and how it will affect your brand and its reputation.

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5) Adjust & Analyze:

The only possible way to make sure if your efforts in social media are generating results is through metrics and tracking them. There are plenty of things which you can measure, and there are different ways to track them. However, this is the job which you should do, rather than asking others to do it for you.

Calculate how effective your efforts are, analyze what’s working and what should be changed and make all the necessary adjustments according to it. Once you are done revamping your strategy, you will gather a significant amount of audience with improved conversion rates and a large number of leads.

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