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Fact about Seo Articles

High quality articles has a huge impact in search engine optimization. Today content is the king and if you want to be noticed by google you must put high quality seo articles to your website.High authority site hires the best seo writer to get unique article for their website content. A well written 500 words seo article cost between 20$ to 25$ or as high as 50$. Articles that are rich in seo content are easily to be indexed by google which result for more natural backlinks and organic search to your site .

Writing an Seo Article

The first step in writing an seo optimized article is choosing the right niche and having an in depth keyword research. Know the average monthly search, CPC rate, analyze the level of competition of your keyword and then putting it on a properly structured article. The strategy when writing an seo optimized article is bold, underline or italic your main keyword and never use styling on the other words. Styling one to three words on your article simply confuses the bots and you won’t be able to take advantage on this page factor. One factor that makes this article unique are they are composed of LSI or Latent symentic indexing or themed words. Latex Semantic indexing are closely related terms, synonyms or meanings , google is expecting this words to be included on your article so that they know that your article are completely related to your niche/keywords. A great tool to find the lsi of a certain keyword is lsikeyword(dot)com. Its easy to use, enter your keyword on the search box and select the number of google results that you want themed words from ( 10 is recommended) , hit the submit query and a large number of themed words and phrases will appear.

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Seo articles are easily index by google, not just by being unique its because google puts a heavy weight on words relationship or the themed words (as mention above). It also gets more backlinks naturally. Imagine building an article is like building a house. Poor content articles are the one with low quality foundation which needed more support to stand straight while seo optimized articles are the one with high quality foundation and can stand on its own. This means ordinary articles need more or even huge number of backlinks to rank better in google while seo optimized article can rank on its own or having only fewer backlinks to get a higher rank.

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Building your site content  is sure a tough job and many online marketer had quit because they can’t see their site ranking on google. If you don’t how to build or get seo rich content your rankings will be in nowhere. Having seo articles for your site is just the first step of search engine optimazation, although this kind of article gets natural backlinks you still need to build contextual backlinks for your site in order to rank better. The competition is tough and beating the google machine is much more harder. But a true online marketer never quit, know your niche and dominate it.

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