Google webmaster tools is of great help to us

As a webmaster, to Google webmaster tools is very familiar with, and most of the webmaster have used. Because this tool can let our web site to Google more friendly. If you go to study the tools of some functions, there are several function is a great help to SEOer. Here is to share I use Google webmaster tools, found that some of SEOer help function.

Internal links inquires the function, the tool of the internal links inquires the function, we can use this tool inquires the link to your home page link number, because each of the web page with links to the home page links, so that I can know about our site total page number (said here is not search engine included page number). If probably understand web site the total number of pages, in through the site instruction in the search query included the number of pages, also can further judgment website structure is reasonable? Because the structure of the web site to site included has a great influence.

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Hope it Help for Beginners,

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