Gridcash Reviews This service provides the opportunity to crypto-currency mining in browser on the computers of visitors.Our service enables traffic owners, webmasters, advertising nets, traffic managers, internet providers, all those who can integrate our code. Mining on PCs is in the process until the user stays on the page with the integrated code of our system.

We mine most profitable crypto-currencies basing on the difficulty of their acquisition, price, and technical capabilities of modern browsers. Our specialists are constantly monitoring new currency market and if they reveal more profitable crypto-currency for our technology, they switch mining to it.Any desktop type of traffic from any country of the world is appropriate, the main thing is that it must be real visitors from their PCs.Mining in the browser is manifested only in loading user’s processor. In case of long-term mining in the browser, cooler may be turned on on user’s PC.You can get the most profit from desktop traffic where the duration of the user session is the maximum. According to our experience, most of the profits come from movie websites and video hostings.

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Add blockers and antivirus software sometimes block loading of regular code from our domains, and profit of our partners. So we have to change domains and replace advertising codes. Installation of php + js code allows to avoid all the problems connected with stand still in the work and manual domain, you need to implement it to your traffic only once, and you can forget about blockings. We strongly recommend that you use php + js code for our partners if it is possible to install it.

Advantages of Gridcash:

The advantages of choosing gridcash browser mining javascript:
No Antivirus and AdBlock detection
Payments in 24 hours
Easy to integrate into the site
Easy registration and support and huge infrastructure
Registration link :


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