How to Advertise on Bing

With Bing advertising, you have the possibility of getting your products or services across to over one millions potential customers depending on your niche. You will be the one to set the cost while you only have to pay when prospects click your ads. The most important factor before you start advertising on Bing, you need to prepare yourself properly and understand the whole process, I mean how the ad campaign will work for your business you’re trying to promote based on your keywords you’ll like your services or products to be found on search engine results.

The only and still remains an unsolved problem with Bing advertising is just that they’ve failed to understand why Google is still the giant in the industry. But if you still plan to place an ad on Bing, below is all you need to do in order to reach millions of potential customers.

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Firstly, visit Bing homepage and make yourself familiar with the features listed, then click on the Extras, again click on advertising at the top right corner.

Secondly, immediately after clicking on advertising, it will automatically redirect you to Microsoft’s advertising portal and this is where you actually would see all available information concerning on how to advertise and how bing will deliver the ad campaign if created.

Finally, you need to click on the Sign-up button, because of this when you now start creating your account to advertise on Bing. And take note that, you definitely will need a credit card and your billing information to activate your ad campaign. Also, they’ll charge you a one-time setup fee of $5.

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