How to Become a Mobile App Developer?

How to Become a Mobile App Developer
How to Become a Mobile App Developer

It is hard to fathom doing our everyday life work without using a smartphone or a mobile application. The industry of mobile phones is well established and constantly growing. According to one stat, more than 6.3 billion people across the globe has access to smartphones. That is why it is not a surprise that the young generation is so keen on learning the skill of mobile app development.

The profession of a mobile application developer is one of the well-paid in the world, with tons of exciting opportunities to avail. What’s even better is that an individual who is a complete novice in this domain can be self-taught to start a career in any of the big tech companies that are paying the big bucks. So, in case you are questioning, “how to become a mobile app developer?” Then you are at the right place to start the journey of app development for beginners.

Do Research with Proper Planning

App development for beginners is new territory, and people who are new to software development don’t have a particular preference in terms of programming language or don’t have an exact plan for where to start. However, as said earlier, code can be a self-taught skill, as you don’t need to go to a college and spend four years and a big chunk of cash to acquire the skills you are looking for to become a mobile app developer. Instead, you can enroll yourself in a 9 to 12 months course and get the same or even better-quality education.

So, skip the university, go to the internet, find a course, and build yourself a skillset. You may think that it is not an efficient way of learning if you compare it to the conventional way, but if you believe that your learning abilities are good enough, starting an online course is a perfect choice and will pay you dividends in the future. Furthermore, once enrolled in an online course, the access is a lifetime.

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Now, the first thing in app development for beginners is that they should know what their interest in mobile app development is? For example, do you want to specialize and become an expert in a specific platform development or find cross-platform development more interesting? Also, good research on which programming language is more suitable for your requirements is necessary.

If you haven’t figured out which programming language is best for you, then don’t worry because most people are clueless when they first decide to pursue this field as their career. All you need to do is pick any language widely used by programmers, like Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, or Python/C#/C++, to learn multi-platform solutions.

Pick a Language

Let’s get started with the basics. If you aim to join any of the programming courses, then it will set up a learning schedule for you by itself. Then, stick with the scheme and study accordingly.

As a self-learner, what you need to do is, first of all, start watching videos online to gather information about the programming language you are interested in for building the fundamental concepts of the language. In app development for beginners, it is better to focus on only one programming language at a time, as widening the range of learning can often lead to demotivation, confusion, and sometimes deception too.

In these guides, there are a lot of practicing exercises for you to solve. And these exercises usually start with simple tasks. However, try to attempt as many problems as possible, and whenever you feel comfortable, raise the difficulty level. The more you practice problem-solving, the better you will become at developing an application. And believe my words, when I say this, you will face numerous issues building your first-ever mobile application.

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App Development

Now, after learning enough about the language, we will look into the process of app development for beginners:

  1. Idea. First, you need an idea to create an app. That’s the sole reason for developing an application. But, go easy on yourself and don’t think of something complicated, as it is your first experience. It is perfectly normal to use an existing idea for app development for beginners.
  2. Layout. For making an application successful, a good design is necessary. But, again, since you are a beginner, use a generic or an existing one for your app. But, make sure that you are clear regarding the concept of using a layout.
  3. Code. It’s time to code now. Take it slow and be heedful to the details. At the end of the program, there will be tons of mistakes and bugs, as it is your first attempt at coding. So, don’t be upset and learn from your mistakes.
  4. Test. After completing the task of coding, test it. Send it out to professionals you may know, share it with your friends and family to try the app, and receive their feedback. After receiving the reviews, analyze it, and think about what you can do next time, and what aspects of coding you need to learn more about.
  5. Now, if you think that your developed app is able to kick out to the market and target the low marketplace then you can do this by knowing how much it cost to make an app and then launch your app regarding the cost of the low marketplace.
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App development for beginners is a long and exhaustive road. So, keep working on your craft until you feel like you got a solid hang of it.

Another productive and lucrative way of doing so is sharing your code with mobile app development companies. In this way, you’ll get the experience as well as be paid.

It is an effective way to learn to code. You’ll have invaluable wisdom from your peers and get to grow through real-world experiences. Along with that, you are getting paid as well.

The main point to take is not to give up. Occurrences of bugs and mistakes in code happen to the best of us, and you are at the level of app development for beginners. So, don’t stress out; keep practicing, and you’ll have fewer encounters with coding problems.


Building a solid portfolio is essential for better employment opportunities. So, add every project you make as the more projects you have on your belt, the more companies will contact you.

You can post it along with your cv template on resources like LinkedIn. This way, the companies will know that you are a professional, hiring you on the spot.

Last Words

Developing a mobile application is not that complex. But you need to have patience and give it the due time it asks. Just keep on learning, don’t give up, and have an optimistic approach to every problem, and you will be fine. Best of luck!

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