How to Identify the Best Ecommerce Seo Agency for You

Online spending has revolutionized the world and how consumers are purchasing and consuming products. For online shops, business is simply booming and becoming the one stop shop for buyers everywhere. Unlike high street shops, where there is only a certain amount of shops you can have in one place, the internet is endless. Other than knowing a brand already, it made me wonder how a lesser-known business can thrive on such a competitive platform.

Digital eCommerce agencies have been now around for a significant period, specializing in increasing return-on-investment, and increasing sales for businesses of all sizes. Using different tactics, these agencies can help you increase your online visibility, however, it is the case of finding the best agency for your business needs.

Here are some considerations to take into account when looking for an eCommerce SEO agency for your business.

Evidence of Past Work

To find out whether an agency is successful, it is important to seek out case studies that clearly demonstrate that they possess the ability to increase eCommerce performance. if you were going to bet on a dog, wouldn’t you want to know how it had run in its last few races?  If an eCommerce SEO agency has a solid track record of increasing conversions and high levels of customer satisfaction and retention, this is a good indicator with regards to the quality of work.

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Similarly, an agency should be willing and able to provide example reports so you can gain an understanding with regards to the level of detail they will provide when reporting on your account. A brief automatically produced report should ring alarm bells, a custom detailed report should give you the exact position of your business and

Investigate Their Case Studies

What size clients are in the case studies? Are all case studies in a specific sector? Are they national or international businesses? Looking at the businesses they already work for will help you decide if that SEO agency will suit your business’s aims and goal.

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Client Testimonials

Other platforms like Facebook, Google listings and review sites may also be able to help you understand from a client’s perspective of how an agency may work. Great customer satisfaction is a really positive indicator of how an SEO agency communicates, engages and treats with their clients.

How they work

If you ask an agency about their link building strategy, and they give you an inconclusive answer – red lights should be flashing. Links are crucial for a website to build authority and gain visibility, therefore it is imperative that the company has an effective link building strategy. This strategy needs to be a long-term implementation plan, as bad links can lead to penalties from Google.

Ultimately, an eCommerce marketing company needs to be able to target keywords and create a tailored strategy with the ultimate goal to increase ROI. An eCommerce company should be able to drive traffic to a site with high volume search terms on a national level. Although Google has localized searching, locally stated keywords and niche words won’t be able to deliver on commercial goals. The company should be able to devise an effective keyword strategy that will help get a business to page one, and more importantly, increasing their ROI.

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Last November, a massive study was undertaken into 65 million e-commerce orders and this showed the top sources of traffic driving sales. Direct traffic takes the lead with 40% of traffic and organic takes second place with 34% of traffic. This shows, if you get it right, how organic SEO traffic could increase clicks to your site.

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