How to install Webuzo on CentOS and Ubuntu


Get ready with your Domain Manager / Database Manager / Email Server / Built-in Softaculous with 310+ scripts / NGINX / Apache / MongoDB / PERL / PHP / MySQL Server and a lot more within minutes and you are just 3 steps away from it.

Webuzo is a PAAS software and it can allow users to install Apps on their VPS by the click of a button. It helps users in managing applications like Java, PHP, NginX, LigHTTPD, MySQL, MongoDB, Ruby, Perl, Git, SVN, etc.

Getting Started

1) CentOS / Ubuntu – Webuzo can be installed on CentOS or Ubuntu (minimal installation)

Steps :
1) Download the installer to your server :

[quote]ROOT > wget -N[/quote]

Other Downloads :

2) Change the permissions to the file to make it executable (0755)

[quote]ROOT > chmod 0755[/quote]

3) Run the Webuzo Installer

[quote]ROOT > ./[/quote]


Sit back and Relax !!! The Installer will provide further instructions to get started with your Webuzo Control Panel.

Hope that was Simple Enough !!!

Experience the Webuzo Demo :
Webuzo Admin Demo :
Webuzo Enduser Demo :