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How to Make an Email Newsletter

Making a newsletter can be difficult. However, anyone can easily make their own newsletter if they follow the right steps and in the right order. There are several steps involved in making newsletters. One needs to find a newsletter topic, choose a newsletter title, and select the right newsletter format. Many Internet marketers are starting their own newsletters because they started to realize the importance of the email newsletter as a marketing tool.


The first thing that one needs to deal with before publishing their own newsletter is finding a topic for it. Good newsletter topics can be quite hard to come up with. 

You need to do a lot of research in order to come across the best niche for your newsletter. In some cases, the topic may be already chosen for you such as when starting a company newsletter, school newsletter or employee newsletter. These newsletters discuss the topics around which they were built.

After choosing a topic for your email newsletter, you will need to find a good title for it. 

Your email newsletter title must be short, descriptive, catchy, and creative all at the same time. It can be quite difficult to find a newsletter name that satisfies all these criteria. Try your best to find one but if you cannot, just go with whatever you come up with. A catchy newsletter title is of great value because it helps attract visitors and convert them into subscribers.

Now that you have found a title for your newsletter, it is time to choose a newsletter format. 

There are three main newsletter formats, plain text newsletter, HTML newsletter, and PDF newsletter. In order to format the right format, you need to first consider your needs and then look for the format that satisfies those needs. Each format has its own features and limitations. You should understand the pros and cons of each newsletter format if you are to select wisely. Text newsletters are known to be compatible with all sorts of email clients and applications. HTML newsletters provide the newsletter publisher with plenty of features and customization options. PDF newsletters are the least popular among all.

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You will also need to think of a newsletter layout or design before working on content creation, remember it can bring you some good traffic to your site as explained in this blogpost. If you are familiar with this stuff, you can simply download some free ready-made newsletter templates. Then, upload them to your newsletter management software. If you feel like customizing the template, you can do so by opening it in an HTML editor such as Nvu or KompoZer. Both of them can be downloaded for free. You can alternatively use Microsoft Word newsletter templates.

In order to manage your subscribers and newsletter publishing, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service. There are a few free autoresponder services but they are not worth it. I personally recommend using Aweber as I believe it is the best newsletter management program. It helps collect subscribers’ emails by slapping a ready-made sign up form on your webpage. They offer a large collection of optin forms which you can choose from and customize easily. What an automatic responder helps you do is to automate your whole newsletter so that you are free to work on creating content for it.

Once you finish doing all the previous steps, you can start working on generating newsletter content.

 It is recommended that you write a month’s worth of newsletter articles so that you are always ahead in the content creation game. It is possible to get free content for your newsletter by using free article from the article directories.

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Bottom line

Another decision that you need to make is to decide on how often you are going to send your newsletter. There are newsletters which are published on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis. These are the major stages involved in making an email newsletter. These are actually the main things that you need to know in order to make your own newsletter. You no longer need to ask about how to make an email newsletter because once you do it once; it will be a lot easier to do it again. You will just repeat the same steps.

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