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How to Protect your Account and Passwords from a Keylogger.

Consider this to be one of the numerous scares of the century. If you didn’t know, key-logging is a form of spyware that records keystrokes when installed on a computer.

Simply, a key-logger is a type of software that records all typed information entered via keyboard, before mailing the information off to a third party.

For example, if Person A installs a key-logger on laptop B, then person A can get emailed about typed information from laptop B, when someone else is using the laptop.

Commonly, this piece of software is used for robbery of log-in information, and for password stealing of important accounts, especially financial and credit cardbased. As such, it is extremely vital for you to obtain protection for yourself, from such key-logging attempts.

How does such spyware get installed on your computer in the first place?

This is pretty much the first step towards avoiding getting your typed information stolen. Key-logging toolkits are installed either by downloading them from the internet, or through manual installation.

In the case of manual installation, this is something that may be done by a family member of yours. Actually this happens very often. An example is Wolfeye Keylogger, a very popular program that is used frequently to spy. Of course, this is only possible if they have access to your computer, in order to install successfully.

With the downloading problem, the issue lies with you visiting unsafe and unverified websites, and possibly, utilizing shady download links, which may be compromising your device.

So rule number 1, make sure you have an excellent password on your computer, to avoid manual installation.

Rule number 2, avoid shady links whenever possible, and secure your laptop properly if you cannot.

Alright, so the computer password part is obvious. What about online security?

When attempting to secure yourself from online downloadable toolkits, you first need to install an appropriate anti-virus or malware detector. This is in addition to maximizing your firewall potential, where in all cases, you gain improved detection and elimination of all rootkits.

Another aspect relating to online protection, would be password management. One of the cool features available in many online browsers, is your ability to save password for “auto-fills”, in case you want to log onto your accounts in the future.

Basically, this means that you do not have to constantly type your password information online.

Well, what are the advantages of that? Basically, a key-logger can only detect “typed” information, through your keyboard strokes. With a password saving measure, you do not have to type in your passwords, ensuring that hackers never get access to them!

Also, a final tip we recommend for your information protection, would be to get used to changing your passwords often. This will help you immensely, especially when it comes to confusing your hackers!

One more thing.

Getting key-logged is usually an error related to carelessness on your part, when maintaining files on your computer, especially for what you choose to put on there, or take off.

Cleaning your computer through scans, and ensuring that you only engage with trusted “high authority” sites, will make a great difference when it comes to computer protection.

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