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Impacts of social media on our life’s

Impacts of social media on our life
Impacts of social media on our life

Nowadays social media is a part of our daily life. We are addicted to multitasking and it has become a daily problem in our life’s. We rely on the mobile phone and never leave home without it. The internet, like social media, has become very important for our lives and impacts our daily routine in different ways. Many companies use social media effectively to advertise their products and deal with their customers.

Social media affects the product but also shares the information with the public. Now every business is running on social media, companies like to advertise their products on social media because they get a lot of audiences there. Social media makes communication very easy, it is a source of information and spreads the news very fastly but there is also a point of fake news. Social media makes our life easy but on the other hand there is also a point of negative effects of it. Social media has affected our lives and now we are going to discuss its impacts.

Mental health problems:

Many psychiatrists worry that social media is now dangerous for our mental health. Some people find that distraction of social media can cause a drop in attendance. So many people who use social media apps on a daily basis report many health problems. Mental health problems can cause very serious situations for you. Many people are now affected by social media and addicted to it. They spend most of their time scrolling social media apps and don’t give attention to their work, family, and friends. You have to spend some time on these apps and have constraints on your routine.  You have to take it as entertainment and don’t have to be addicted to it. In this busy life, you have given some time to yourself and think about what is good for you.

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Better communication:

Social media makes communication very fast. With the help of social media, you can post any picture or anything that you want to tell your family and friends. Social media makes better ways for communicating like,

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

These apps are very popular these days in youth. Social media provides you to stay updated with your social circle. On social media, every news is spread like fire but there is a negative point, maybe that news would be a fake one. Social media is a connection between people.

Time control:

Nowadays, most people have social media accounts. Sadly, many people have made a habit of checking their mobile phones many times a day even when they are at work. Many people waste their time on social media and don’t stay constant on their work. So you have to make a timetable and control the time of the day so that you can work properly. This is also the time to not waste, you should talk to your family and friends that time would be very entertaining for you. By talking to any person you can make a good relationship with them. 

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Access to information

On social media, you have access to a lot of information. You can search for anything here and you can get good information about that thing. On social media you have all the news that is spreading around, it always updates you. On social media there are many sources of information, many of them are correct and many are fake. On social media you have to check the evidence of that news, you have to check different platforms for that relevant news.

Discover the content:

With the help of social media, you can discover a lot of content that can help you in your job and study. For example, on YouTube, we can see different types of content and get information about that. Social media is a very wide range of platforms where you can get information about anything. If you have to search about anything, it can give you different authentic websites and videos with relevant information. Social media is a wide range of search engines that entertain you in every way.

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Some people think that online bullying is a problem for youngsters but adults also can harass each other on social media. Nowadays many people are victims of cyberbullying. Harassment may be like,

  • offensive email
  • Messages
  • Offensive photos
  • Bad commenting

Harassment can cause a lot of stress and it may be bad for your mental health. You have to stay constant in your work and not hear the other voices. It will be very helpful for you to ignore such types of cyberbullying.  Bullying affects ethics and reduces the productivity of the person. It is a very dangerous act, everyone has to stay away from this kind of harassment.


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