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Anyone with a knack for sales and/or marketing and an understanding of SEO can tap into this lucrative field. Some companies pay generous fees or commissions for quality SEO, making this a great opportunity for anyone wishing to utilize the internet to generate revenue.

In the realm of web-based business, knowledge of SEO can mean the difference between success and stagnation. SEO, which is the abbreviation for “search engine optimization”, is the art of strategically placed keywords within a website in order to increase the likelihood that search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, will “see” the website whenever someone enters search criteria.

Search engines have become increasingly savvy to such practices as “keyword stuffing”, in which content is so inundated with keywords that it is obvious that the author is trying to force the search engines to “see” his website in a higher instance than others. Not so long ago, this would have succeeded; however, now that search engines are running “smarter”, they can recognize keyword stuffing and will completely reject sites that practice this.SEO

This presents new challenges for website developers who may be proficient in the technical aspects of design, but lack the expertise of keyword manipulation and placement to optimize the ability of the website to be shown as a top find in search engine queries. This is where SEO testing comes into play. It refers to a process of making essential changes designed to improve website performance. 

Whether you want to gauge the impact of SEO on a website’s search engine rankings or determine its conversion activity, running  SEO tests can be important to know whether your search engine optimization strategies are working effectively or not. 

Certainly, web development companies and SEO professionals should conduct SEO experiments or tests to figure out the problems and develop smarter strategies for the websites. But on top of these things, SEO testing can be important for many reasons. With this process in place, you can become data-driven, allocate resources for SEO properly, and mitigate the negative consequences of ineffective strategies to certain websites. 

Given these circumstances, it’s important to take SEO experimentation or testing seriously. But not all web development companies and SEO professionals are equipped in running tests associated with search engine optimization. This has opened an entirely new segment in all areas of internet marketing: the business of SEO reselling. Marketing gurus who are proficient in SEO are now contracting their services to web developers, in order to provide SEO that the web developers can utilize and sell to their clients.

Who Can Resell SEO?

Anyone with a knack for sales and/or marketing and an understanding of SEO can tap into this lucrative field. Some companies pay generous fees or commissions for quality SEO, making this a great opportunity for anyone wishing to utilize the internet to generate revenue, without needing to know the technical jargon for website development.

But for those wanting to resell SEO, it’s essential to have the experience, expertise, and skills to before they can offer services that SEO agencies can’t provide their clients. Not only that but SEO resellers should also have quality tools and equipment that they can use to deliver excellent services. So, if you want to become an SEO reseller, you need to be completely ready with everything to achieve more positive outcomes, especially on your search engine rankings

Why Resell SEO?

SEO is not a skill that is frequently seen within the confines of website development. Companies who outsource website development and maintenance most likely have no idea what SEO is, let alone how important it is. The web developers have very likely heard of SEO and know what it is, but often lack the skills and expertise to implement SEO.

As an SEO reseller, the business contracts with persons who know and understand SEO, to provide quality search engine optimization in accordance with the specifications outlined for each need. The SEO is sold to the business who, in turn, will resell to the client to the benefit of all parties concerned.

Web development companies, and businesses who resell SEO benefit from this arrangement because it is less expensive to outsource these services on an as-needed basis than it would be to employ a sales and/or marketing staff and constantly pay salaries and benefits to keep them.SEO

Are There Any Drawbacks to Reselling SEO?

While the benefits are many, there can be some caveats of which to be aware when considering SEO resell.

* All parties should communicate frequently and with clarity;

* All parties should do their research and make sure the companies with which they are partnering are reputable and in good standing;

* All parties, before signing any binding contracts, should read the documents carefully and make sure they understand all requirements contained therein;

Is This Niche For You?

Whether you are a web developer, SEO provider, or an entity geared to resell SEO, there is every reason to believe that this segment of the internet market is here to stay and generate profit for all who wish to tap into this niche! But if you want to get the most out of search engine optimization, it’s best to keep the information mentioned above in mind, and you’ll be heading in the right direction. 


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