Make Your Banner Ad Stand Out In The Crowd In 2016


Last year, 2015 was the year which saw the extreme popularity of terms like content marketing, ‘flash is dead’ and ‘native ads’ in the world of digital marketing. And yes, how can we forget about the biggest hype over “banner ads are dead”! There was a lot of buzz about the reason behind banner ads being dead and why a banner designing company would require winding up its business and why website owners would require considering other forms of promotion.

But this is entirely a wrong idea as banner designing is always important and will always remain so. Then what are the tips and trends that you need to follow in order to make your banners stand out in the crowd in 2016 and beyond? Check them out.

1: The ‘stand out’ creative purpose of the banner

Firstly, you need to think about what is the main purpose of your banner ad? Isn’t your banner being created to improve awareness and attract people? One of the main reasons of a banner ad is to make your website be noticed online, to bring the user to click on the button. It is only through quality and creativity and by giving in the best banner ideas that you can make your banner ad be noticed on a webpage when the entire display is full of content. Using the right colors and the best CTAs is important when it comes to banner designing.

2: The lesser the better

There were an architect and educator born in Germany who was extremely popular as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. He was the person who defined modern architecture and he was the first one to have pioneered the thought ‘less is more’. When it comes to designing banners, there should only be the logo, no need to add a CTA, a value proposition or a high-quality picture. Simply adding your logo to a soothing background will help you attract visitors. Banner marketing will also become easier this way.

3: Use the right colors to stand out

It is fun to work with colors and the best part of using the right colors is that there are different variations that you can create with them. You can get in touch with a graffiti artist as he has got a vivid and clear idea about colors. Talk to an illustrator and he’ll tell you how colors matter the most for designing a brand.