Monoprice 110010: An In-depth Review

Monoprice 110010
Monoprice 110010: An In-depth Review

This article is for you if you’re confused about buying Monoprice 110010 headphones. These latest headphones make a good set for people who only listen to music occasionally.

It is a wonderful addition to the gaming headphone industry. If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality, reasonably-priced headphones, this is a fantastic choice. It is ideal for you if you attend the gym.

Although high-end electronics is one of its areas of expansion, its primary focus is on electronic components. Additionally, the buttons are of poor quality and lack sensory feedback.

They can also be used when you need complete silence, free of music or sounds. Customers have more trust in Monoprice since it consistently offers high-quality goods at cheap prices. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about it.

In-depth Review of Monoprice 110010

If you enjoy playing video games or watching movies with great sound, your search for the best headset for you must come to an end. The 110010 headphones from Monoprice, a brand renowned for producing high-quality items at affordable prices, are no exception. Customers believe it significantly reduces noise, and it has received positive reviews.


The features of any headphones are essential when choosing a certain device. In the end, you will better understand the buying opinion. Therefore, the main features or specs of the most recent Monoprice phone are as follows:

  • Comprehensible and Distinct Sound

One of the finest pairs of headphones you can purchase on the market is the Monoprice 110010. These headphones include 40mm drivers that add great, clear sound. Considering that these great headphones are inexpensive, the sound quality is excellent.

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The Monoprice headphones provide great-quality sound and a comfortable leather headband that fits tightly on the top. The stereo image is superb, and the field is broad and wide. If sound quality is your top priority, think about buying the more expensive version.

  • Long Battery Life

A 10-hour battery time is estimated for the Monoprice headphones. Even after more than 52 hours of nonstop use, the headset’s battery will still be functional. It takes longer to charge than other headphones do. The battery in this headset is gold-plated.

This is enough if you want to enjoy games or slow music. Depending on how frequently you use these headphones, they offer a fair amount of battery life. For recharging, these headphones contain a charging wire that fits into any USB port.

  • Noise Reduction Feature

In this model, the noise-canceling technology helps to block out outside noise. If you’re looking for headphones that don’t let much background noise penetrate throughout your listening session, you might want to search elsewhere.

They don’t frequently need AAA battery replacements and are battery-friendly. The noise created by your environment may be significantly reduced by the noise-canceling option offered by the Monoprice 110010.

If you need to use your headphones constantly, noise-canceling headphones might not be the ideal option. This headphones is significantly less expensive than similar noise-canceling devices.

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These headphones are a wonderful choice for minimizing noise in a busy environment even though they might not be the most comfortable you can buy.

  •  Construct Quality and Comfortable Style

These headphones are constructed well overall. The rubber headband that comes with this metal headset has been included. The earcups are constructed of mediocre plastic. Larger ears have a hard time fitting in because of the narrow ear cups.

Fortunately, because all other plastic surfaces are smooth and scratch-resistant, keeping your headphones in outstanding condition isn’t challenging. But like many other headphones, this one is not recommended for use during workouts because they could come off your head.

  • Suitable Relaxed Earpads

The comfort of a headphone’s covering is a good indicator of its quality. It was confirmed that the covering on its headphones is made of lightweight, permeable material. To keep the head secure, there is a little foam pad underneath the headband covers.

Even if you spend hours watching your favorite drama or film, the comfortable earpads of this headset will stay in place longer. The memory foam ear covers are gentle on the skin and have adequate airflow to prevent sweating in the ears. Although the Monoprice headset’s buttons are not of the highest quality, its price still makes it a sizable investment.

  • Exceptional Mic

The Monoprice 110010’s microphone, if you must know, is undoubtedly its strongest feature. This microphone is sufficient, and due to the Monoprice set’s Bluetooth features, people can easily make and take hands-free audio calls up to thirty-four ft. away from their associated Bluetooth device.

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The recorded sounds will sound full-bodied since it captures sounds precisely. But it also has the drawback that, though, so it may pick up background noise that could distort your voice.

  • Smooth Controls

The controlling element of a headphone is determined by the button and Monoprice 110010 functions. By using the volume control button on the headset, you can adjust the volume. This type is lightweight, perfect for everyday usage, and simple to pack and move around. They are also incredibly portable and simple to clean.

 This headphone is most definitely not a good choice if you’re looking for ones with excellent tactile feedback and practical controls. The other controls, like the voice and audio buttons, can be found on the inline controls of the included cable.

  • Affordable and Cheap

An electronics brand that is reliable and inexpensive is Monoprice. The headphones of Monoprice 110010 are a cheap option for those who are financially strapped but still desire high-end headphones. Although the price is reasonable, you might want to think about the quality before buying them.

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