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Payoneer in Pakistan

Did you FINALLY just receive your Payoneer MasterCard in the mail? Once you are done with the initial excitement of owning a MasterCard debit card, run through the following guide to make sure you know exactly how to use the Payoneer card in Pakistan. if you did’t get your card , please Register your payoneer card first ,

Step 1:  
Open the envelope 

  •  Rip open the envelope you have received from Payoneer
  • Unpack the card
  •  Switch on your personal computer

Step 2:
Activate your card

  •  Go to
  • Click on Activate your card in the panel on the right
  • Enter your account details to login to your Payoneer online account (these are the same details you chose when you ordered the card). The username is your email address.
  • Once you login, you will see a button you can click to activate your card. Click it!
  • Enter the 16 digit card number located on your card, and choose a 4 digit pin number.
  • Celebrate the activation of your card!
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Step 3:
Use your card

  • Your Payoneer card can be used in thousands of locations across Pakistan
  • You can withdraw money from selected ATM machines all over Pakistan. Your card will only work at ATM machines that support MasterCard. In Pakistan, these include MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK, CITIBANK and FAYSAL BANK. 
  • You can see a list of ATMs near you that support MasterCard by visiting the link below.
  • Make sure you look out for the MasterCard logo on the machine before you insert your card
  • Remember that Payoneer’s daily spending limit varies depending on which vendor you got your card through. Odesk cards have a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $2,500 but this doesNOT mean you can withdraw this amount. Local ATM machines have varying daily withdrawal limits. Consult the bank associated with any ATM machine you are withdrawing from before making large transactions.
  • Remember that all transactions in Pakistani ATM machines are done in Pakistani Rupees.
  • Remember not to check your balance from the machine, but to check it online. Most machines in Pakistan do not support checking of balance of MasterCard cards, and your card could get eaten up.
  • You can also use your Payoneer MasterCard debit card at any shop, petrol pump or restaurant that accepts MasterCard payments. All big stores etc accept this method of payment.
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A summary of Payoneer fees: 

  • $29.95 – one time card activation fee.(some Payoneer partners are charging the regular fee of $9.99 for Pakistani clients now)
  • slow load fee 1$  (different for every partner. Many partners have subsidized this fee completely)
  • instant load fee 3$ (different for every partner) 
  • $3.15 – ATM machine withdrawal fee per transaction
  • $ 1-3 – Payoneer monthly fee (depending on number of transactions made in the previous month)
  • 3%* – Currency Exchange fee

DISCLAIMER: Withdrawing more money than you have on your account can result in your card being eaten by the machine. Make sure you calculate a modest exchange rate, taking into account all fees etc. Failed transactions due to insufficient balance are also charged a small fee.

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* The currency exchange fee is quite uncertain. Many people believe it is 3% of the dollar exchange rate per dollar.i.e. if the rate is Rs. 90/$, for every dollar you withdraw, you will get 87.7 rupees.

If you have any questions relating to Payoneer services in Pakistan, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or find our Facebook page and I will try my best to help you

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