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PPC ad extensions you should immediately use

We are pretty aware of the fact that all extensions are not created in a similar manner. Irrespective of whether it’s Bing Ads or Google AdWords, ad extensions always maximize your website’s visibility in almost every search engine result pages. Ad extensions even allow for deeper and additional messaging which doesn’t fit within the base ad copy. If you’ve been looking for a few PPC ad extensions which you must be using today, here are few that you may take into account.

If you have a little bit of knowledge on structured snippets, you would know that they are the easiest and simplest ad extensions which you can create because they have a ‘header’ which is already defined for information and they don’t link to the website. The snippet extensions have headings like brands, amenities, degree programs, destinations, featured hotels, courses, insurance coverage, service catalogs, neighborhoods, models, styles, show, and types. Once you select the header, enter values like free WiFi for amenities.

These AdWords extensions are indeed interesting as they let companies who sell through retailers to promote nearby stores through which people can purchase their products. Previously, the manufacturers were restrained to serving a single reference page but now the ad can be shown with different location extensions where the locations by addresses are shown to be clicked directly through mobile.

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AdWords had released price extensions last year and they are usually used as a great alternative for all advertisers who don’t have their own product feeds and who can benefit from demonstrating and displaying services and products with price points. Price extensions can be easily presented in the search engine results below the actual ad text and they can be useful for luring attraction of users. This even drives deeper content to the website of the advertiser.

They serve a phone number along with the advertisements. Though these are not new, they are more important as these days mobiles have become a primary device for the majority of the searchers. Advertisers who avoided call extensions in the past are now giving it a second thought.

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