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Pro Tips to Design an Awesome Vape Logo

The vaping industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and has continued to grow over the years. Whether it is a vape device, flavor, or e-liquid, experts introduce something appealing every year. And 2021 would not be different.

Since not all vape brands and stores are created equal, the one way to set them apart from the competitors is an enticing logo and overall branding design. If you are about to launch a new vape store and want to stand out in the market, show off your shop’s professionalism and personality by creating an appealing custom vape logo.

Below are some important things you need to take into consideration when designing an awesome vape logo.

Select A Recognizable and Relevant Image

When designing a vape logo, sometimes it can be hard to choose an image with a seamless balance between recognizable and conventional. Your logo must make your customers instantly understand what you are selling while being unique at the same time. You can do this by using a familiar image related to vaping. Whether you sell e-liquids or vape products like wax pen for concentrate vaporizer, you can use vape related images to make your logo appealing. For instance, you can use an image of a vape pen writing your brand name with smoke.

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Create and Use Your Own Font

Creating something totally new and unique from others is the best way to stand out from the competition. You can create your own fonts that represent your brand and vape industry too. It will help you a lot in building brand awareness and will make sure your customers can quickly recognize what you sell. However, you should maintain consistency with your fonts to increase brand recognition. Make sure the fonts are easily readable and attention-grabbing as well.

The vape industry is not going anywhere. Vaping is a trend and here to stay for longer. That’s why you should go with current trends when designing a logo for your vape store. Take a look at the current trends for inspiration but choose one right and relevant trend to make your logo tempting. When searching for trends, you should consider the trend that will stay in years to come. Hand drew and professionally sketched logos are on-trend these days.

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Consider Resizing

Resizing is one of the most important things to consider when creating a vape logo for your brand or store. Think how legible it will be after resizing as you will need to use it across plenty of digital channels and advertisements. As the logo is the base of your branding approach, it is going to be placed in different sized locations. Along with making your logo recognizable and as detailed as you want, consider resizing to make sure it will look awesome everywhere including website, social media profiles, product packaging, business cards, and so on. Going through the testing phase is a superb way to make sure your vape logo will stand out in different sizes and in different places.

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Choose Your Colors Sensibly

Selecting colors for your vape logo is another overwhelming task. The color scheme can make or break your logo. That’s why always choose colors for your logo wisely. Experts always suggest sticking to a maximum of three colors to make your logo appealing and easily readable. Depending on the specific fonts and images you are going to use, using too many colors can make your logo messy and hard to read. As different colors communicate different sentiments and emotions, you should choose the right color scheme for your vape logo that appeals to youngsters. Choose colors that encourage vapers to choose your brand quickly over others.

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