Social Business Platform ( NPC )

What is NPC?

Negocios Para Casa is a digital platform that was born to cover your needs as a distributor within the Network Marketing industry and promoter of Online Business.

Our main objective is to equip you as a user of tools and training for the expansion and development of your own businesses and profitable businesses. -Isaac Galvez, Founder

  • A young company, dynamic, flexible and prepared to adapt to changes in innovation and creativity.
  • We have a committed and professional human team.
  • International experience and leadership Opportunities for personal and professional development
  Cash For Junk Cars

Do you want to get NPCcoins?

NPCcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. The NPCcoin is a cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency or electronic money that you can change to your local currency such as Euros, Dollars, Pesos, Bitcoins, etc. in the cryptocurrency markets such as YOBI

You can get FREE NPCcoins by registering on the platform for FREE.

People from all over the World take advantage of our Platform to obtain Financial Freedom

Each red dot on the map means a past income in the benefit of the platform, with each yellow dot being a new and recent benefit for the platform.

At Negocios Para Casa we distribute up to 70% of our revenues with our users who simply participate by using and benefiting from the tools and premium content that we make available to our registered users.

Register for free to leverage the system created by the experts in Marketing, Traffic, Positioning, Programming, Business, Advertising and the new trend of Cryptocurrencies. The ingredients with a foundation to have a system of success GUARANTEED.


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