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Social Wall for Website – Best Tool to Display Social Media on Any Website

Social Wall for Website - Best Tool to Display Social Media on Any Website
Social Wall for Website - Best Tool to Display Social Media on Any Website

We all love a fair, don’t we? Appealing swings, colorful shops, attractive eateries, and some memorable experiences. How about bringing this fun to your website? Visualize – having appealing Facebook posts, colorful Instagram feeds, attractive tweets and a combination of all social feeds helping you in creating an everlasting impression on your website visitor. Would you like it? Imagine the impact it can have on your market reputation.


If you think all this is far-fetched, or involves some complex coding or difficult procedure, then you are completely mistaken. Collecting all the social media feeds at one place to create a social wall and then displaying that social wall is now possible and can be done coding-free.


Thanks to various tools available in the market that provide an easy solution for adding social wall on website. We have filtered the finest from the lot out of these highly useful tools. You can find these tools with ease, and they are easy to operate.

Soundest Tools That Enables You To Display Social Wall On Website

In this internet age, where brands and consumers are marching towards eCommerce and online business, having a beautiful website is a must. After all, websites are now the representatives of their respective brands, and having impressive representatives helps in the long run. The following tools help you in this cause as they assist you in building a social wall and displaying it on the website, hassle-free.

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1.   Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the soundest social media aggregator tools as it allows you to affiliate with 19+ social media platforms, provides a coding-free embedding solution, and has affordable pricing plans.


The tool helps you in collecting a social feed from your desired source or sources, allows you to curate and customize them, and displays them as a social wall on your website. Furthermore, as mentioned above, it allows you to integrate with 19+ social media platforms, providing you with ample content to display.


It helps gather the feed, and within a few minutes, you can display those feeds on your website. Alongside making the embedding process straightforward, it also offers various added features that bring great value to this tool. Like, it provides a customization feature – with the help of this feature, you can personalize your social wall as per your need. For example, you can change the font style of collected feeds, the color of your wall and more to match it according to the vibe and style of your website. Also, it provides a moderation feature where you can decide what all social posts you want to show on your website, and what to hide. You can either manually hide posts, or opt for a profanity filter. The tool automatically removes the posts containing provided keywords or instructions with a profanity filter.


It also provides diverse themes and layouts as options, so select the one that best suits your style and make your website more organized.

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The tool provides various other features such as custom CTA, custom CSS, responsive social wall, analytics, and more, which makes it an ideal tool.

2.   Dialog feed

Dialog feed is another amazing tool that helps you in collecting and displaying social feeds on your website. It is one of the most trusted and leading tools that help to create a social wall for your website.


It has tons of display templates, so choose the one that makes your wall pleasing to the eyes and attracts visitors’ attention. As it allows you to integrate with all major social media platforms, you can also use the social wall for your marketing purpose. For example, you can promote your hashtag campaign and display its feeds. People feel valued when a brand displays its content on a brand’s website. It encourages them and other consumers as well to produce content using hashtags and enjoy the limelight on the website.


With features such as customization and moderation, you can add beauty to your social wall and make your website more appealing.


3.   Content Fry

Images, videos, tweets, and other social media content can improve the overall look of your website and make it more appealing, right? Content Fry helps you in this cause as it allows you to add a social wall to your website and make it more engaging and appealing.


The tool provides live feed updates, which means, as soon as the content is uploaded to the desired source, the social wall displays it on the website. The social wall is the best medium to keep your consumer engaged on the website. We all know that social media is a hub for content that can entertain and hold the attention of viewers for a long time. By bringing this content on the website, you can hold your consumers longer on the website, and spark interest amongst them.

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You can choose from over 40 social wall templates and make your social wall alluring. It is important to have a good-looking, social wall that attracts attention, or else what will be the use of having a social wall on website.


Summing It Up

As the competition in the market is getting rigid, it is important to stay updated with new marketing maneuvers. The social wall on website is one such marketing strategy that helps businesses gather more customers and reach their business goals. The tools mentioned above are the best in the market, they are readily available and are easy to operate. Try them now, and help your business to grow.


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