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[Solved] .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU?

Solved NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU.
Solved NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU.

The .Net runtime optimization service improves your set-up or computer, and to a large extent helps you execute applications or programs. Net Runtime Optimization Service is responsible for running the application quickly. This optimization system runs in the backdrop and Microsoft said it should not run for more than a few minutes.

But many times, the process of optimization takes a long time and consumes a lot of CPU resources.

Users find that .net runtime optimization services usually absorb a lot of CPU power. Therefore, instead of making your application or program run faster, your entire system becomes slow and uses 80-90% of the CPU computer. In some situations, this optimization service usually exhausts RAM and all existing memory, making your computer slow and unable to store more data.

5 Easy Steps to [Solved] .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU

Table of Content:

Causes of .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU

How to Solve .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU?

1.  Improve the .NET Runtime Service

2.  Examine Your System

3.  Proceed Microsoft Script

4.  Restart Your System

5.  Conduct a Clean Boot

Causes of .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU

According to experts from -If the computer is in an inactive condition, the optimization service plans to rebuild the .NET Framework library in five to ten minutes, but this is not the case for some users. Here are some causes of that:

  • The .NET runtime optimization service runs slowly on your system.
  • The optimization service is damaged.
  • Virus or malware bug.
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How to Solve .NET Runtime Optimization Service High CPU?

Once you understand the exact meaning of the .NET runtime optimization service, then you first need to know the causes of it. This usually happens when you upgrade Windows to the modern version because the internal settings have changed, which causes problems. There are five solutions, so you can fix it like a professional and keep Windows running smoothly.

1.  Improve the .NET Runtime Service

If the system speed is slow, you will definitely encounter the .net runtime optimization on your window 10. To raise the speed of this process, please follow the instructions below:

  • Enter Command Prompting
  • Choose search results> right click ​​> Run as administrator
  • Below are the entering commands:

For 32-bit system:


For 64-bit system:

C: -Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework64/v4.0.30319

  • Then enter: ngen.exe executequeueditems> push Enter through keyboard.
  • Leave the command prompt and check again whether the high CPU usage is normal or not.

2.  Examine Your System

The other main reason for the .NET runtime optimization service is various infections. To solve this problem, it is recommended that you use the best antivirus software. For this, SysTweak Antivirus is the most popular. This latest saving tool provides full-time protection and can recognize new and old viruses.

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It can also help protect you from zero-day threats and allow you to do daily scans. In addition, you can also look for the type of scan to perform. If you want to do a comprehensive scan, it is suggested to use a deep scan.

3.  Proceed Microsoft Script

When the previous solution does not work and you do not want to run the command yourself, you should utilize a script made by Microsoft to accelerate the procedure. To run it, follow these basic steps:

  • Looking for GitHub to get the original script or tap here
  • Right click the original option then save link as
  • During saving, make sure the file is a Windows script file.
  • Then proceed with the script.
  • When prompted to select a service, please select Windows Script Host.

After the script runs, the .NET optimization service should be fast, and the high CPU usage it caused will be resolved.

4.  Restart Your System

Mscorsvw.exe is the reason behind the huge usage of CPUs, it can be solved by again proceeding with the system. To solve this issue, follow these instructions:

  • Enter Windows + R
  • Type services. MSC then click OK
  • Go to NVIDIA Telemetry Container, Right click​ and then select Properties
  • Tap the sign next to the Start-up Type and select Automatic option> Apply> at the end click ok.
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It’s time to go to Task Manager, there is no issue of .NET runtime service CPU usage is high.

5.  Conduct a Clean Boot

This is the last step which helps you to resolve your problem, so, follow these steps

  • Enter Windows + R
  • Enter Msconfig> OK
  • Click Tap and hide Microsoft system services, deactivate all then click OK.
  • Now, restart later.
  • Enter Windows + R again
  • Descript Msconfig> OK
  • Click the “Start” tab> Open Task Manager
  • Separately choose the start-up objects you don’t need> Right click​​> End Task
  • At this moment, restart the services and see if the problem is solved or not.

If these solutions will not solve your issue, you can temporarily disable the .NET runtime optimization service, but doing so will damage your NET Framework and may require a full repair. It is not suggested to disable the services because the NET framework is used to run many default systems on your Windows.


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