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Supercharge business growth with intelligent web design

Supercharge business growth with intelligent web design.
Supercharge business growth with intelligent web design.

Great functionality and attractive design are crucial elements needed to impress customers and increase revenue. 

Our post-pandemic world is now even more dependent on technology and the internet. Data-driven markets view well-designed websites as tools that promote accessibility, and hence are utilising them more heavily than ever, and achieving the right balance between technology and aesthetics can result in a higher number of conversions. 

It’s for this very reason that web design in the UK has picked up an immense pace over the past few years. Design is a nuanced and multifaceted discipline that engages both technical aptitude and visual appeal. Even the smallest element on a web page is capable of having a huge impact on the user. A website should engage an audience whilst efficiently informing them at the same time.  

Good design builds credibility. 

There are too many brands today that do not realize the importance of a well-designed website. They put in all the hard work required to set up their web store but lose out big-time when customers don’t trust their shabbily designed site. Furthermore, in the world we live in today, customers are a lot more informed than they were only a decade ago. They focus more on brands that give them exactly what they want, and this is why building authority in your respective domain is imperative.

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Blogs are a great way to provide additional value to customers, alongside the products and services being offered. Becoming a resource for information builds trust among customers, which ensures regenerative business. If you run a cosmetics business, for example, you could post blogs about products that improve skin health. Taking the extra step to ensure the customers are well taken care of goes a really long way. 

Moreover, securing relevant guest writers, or even industry experts to write a blog will immensely boost your brand’s credibility. Exercises like these have great traction and a great from an SEO perspective. Ultimately, the way you present your website to a wider audience should enthrall and inspire them to take positive actions. 

Good design communicates clearly. 

You can be sure that your website is well designed when it successfully bridges the gap between user expectation and your business goals. At the same time, it’s imperative for a website to articulate its purpose in a manner that’s easily comprehensible. You will be able to service your customers far better with a website that is free of clutter and makes rich content easily accessible. 

A clear and straightforward mission statement will provide your customers with an instant vision of your brand’s core functions, and reasons why they should use your products or services. Simply put, it should encompass and present value propositions with a ‘client-first approach. 


Good design impacts SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) has become the go-to strategy for many businesses looking to expand growth. It has been widely accepted that the number of internet users globally has increased significantly as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Many inexperienced web design companies in the UK believe that SEO has everything to do with creating and publishing high-quality content; however, website design also plays a crucial role in achieving high SERP (search engine ranking page) positions. Google, the world’s most popular search engine, records nearly 5.6 billion searches performed per day. Ensuring that your website is optimized could drastically affect the number of transactions you make. 

Google’s web crawlers source information from numerous indexes, before ranking them in order with the most relevant result at the top. Their systems use a number of metrics that all play a role in SERP positioning. For example – the more internal links a website has, the easier it is for crawlers to navigate through and fetch relevant information. This is a good thing – Similarly, websites that are not responsive often tend to be positioned much lower in comparison to those that are. 

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Good design influences buyers

It’s a well-known fact that it takes a visitor no more than half a second to decide if they will continue browsing on a website or leave it. The primary factor that influences this decision is the appearance of the website. Another well-known fact is that shabbily designed websites tend to have a higher bounce rate. The bounce rate of a website is a factor considered by the search engines – the higher the bounce rate, the higher the chances of being reputed as an untrustworthy source of information or, in some cases, an unsecured site. 

There are a number of ways in which web design affects your overall business performance. This is why profitable companies hire industry experts like Web Choice to manage the entire web design process, from conception to execution. As a sought-after web design company in the UK, Web Choice offers a wide range of value-based digital services. If you want to experience better results from your online business, contact Web Choice today. 

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