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The Power Of Personalized Corporate Gifting

Giving a gift and choosing the right gift for a client has innumerable benefits for your brand and its image. Corporate gifting establishes an emotional connection with clients, instantly creating a bridge between your brand and a customer. These bridges are perfect for fostering growth, creating lasting and meaningful relationships, and opening the door to new opportunities. 43% of US respondents believe that giving a gift in the corporate space improves relationships. 

Why Use Corporate Gifting?

The vast majority of people will still remember your company name over a year if they receive a gift and 23% of companies say that corporate gifts directly generate more leads and connections. 80% of CEOs believe that gifting provides a positive and measurable return on investment. Gifting is incredibly powerful for a number of reasons. It proves to be good at retaining customers, as they feel personally connected to your brand. Gifting is also good for boosting word of mouth as those who receive gifts that they enjoy will talk about it online and offline, spreading the word of your brand and adding more positive opinions towards it. Regular gifting also keeps your brand at the forefront of client’s minds helping them remember you for even longer.

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Customers don’t like generic ads and brand messaging. A gift doesn’t feel nearly as special if you know 100 other people got the exact same thing and can feel like a cheap way of trying to garner more attention. The vast majority of customers find more personalized gifts far more appealing and memorable and want brands that are real and authentic and not just a fake shell. 

Personalization is Key

Meaningful corporate gifts that take the time to personalize and create a memorable gift experience have been proven to have a 40% higher return on investment and are much better at creating genuine relationships with clients. 68% of people who received gifts with thought and time put into them say it greatly strengthened their relationship with that brand. 71% of marketers believe that brand ambassadorship is the most effective form of influencer marketing. 

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Having a voice that people relate to and look for advice from that feels connected and valued by your brand is an incredibly powerful and persuasive tool. Giving multiple gifts throughout the year fosters lasting loyalty as 80% of customers would do business again with a brand they’ve had multiple personalized experiences with.

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