The Quickest Ways to Make Money Online with Blog

The Quickest Ways to Make Money Online with Blog

Blogging is a great way to make money online. You can start your own blog for free and monetize it by including affiliate links, ads, or selling products and services. While building up your blog takes time, you can start making money quickly if you’re creative with your blogging strategies. Here are some of the quickest ways to make money blogging:

Sell ad Space on Your Blog

According to Entrepreneur, the average income for a blogger who sells advertising is $2,000 per month. You can earn more if you have a bigger audience, but keep in mind that most people are turned off by blogs that have too many ads. If you plan to monetize your blog with ads, focus on getting more subscribers and visitors first and worry about ads later.

Run sponsored posts: Sponsored posts are blog posts that one of your readers pays you to write. The company or person who pays you gets a link in the post (usually at the end) that points back to their website. You need to disclose that this is a sponsored post see the next tip for details on how to do this legally.

Disclose affiliate links and sponsored posts properly: If you’re using affiliate links in your post or your readers hire you to write sponsored posts, you need to disclose this to your readers and the FTC (U.S.). In the past, Amazon would get bloggers in trouble by not disclosing their use of affiliate links on their blogs properly Amazon would be fined by the FTC for these violations and so would the bloggers whose sites hosted these links.

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Write Reviews of Products or Services for Affiliate Commissions

This can be a great way to make money blogging or online, but it’s not suitable for everyone. If you’re writing for an audience that trusts your views on what’s good and what’s not, then you can make money by recommending products to them.

  • Choose products that you believe in, have tried yourself, or that have really impressed you.
  • Join the affiliate program of any merchants whose products you want to promote (it’s usually free).
  • Include your affiliate link when you talk about a product with your viewers. This will earn you a commission if they go on to buy the product through your link.

If you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing, it’s important to learn about both the benefits and potential pitfalls of writing your own reviews.

Create Your Own Product or Service and Sell it Through Your Blog

The ultimate way to make money blogging is to create your own product or service and sell it through your blog. The process of creating a product is known as “productization,” and this is what the masters do to turn their blogs into millions of dollars.

If you are going to sell a product or service, you need to consider the following:

  • What is my audience looking for?
  • How can I meet those needs?
  • Is there an existing product or service that does not offer this solution?
  • How can I create a better version that makes me stand out from the competition?
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While blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic and generate leads for your business, it’s also a good way to create your own product or service and sell it through your blog.

This is an important reason why you should have a blog for your business.

Write for Other Blogs Using a Freelance Writer Platform Like Elance or oDesk

If you’re a blogger or aspire to be one, the first thing you need to know is how to write a blog post.

Writing a blog post takes practice and skill. You want to create a piece of content that is compelling, informative, and relevant to your audience.

Here are some tips for writing your first blog post:

  • Write on topics that you know well
  • Write in an engaging tone
  • Write pieces with great titles and calls-to-action
  • Write lots of blog posts
  • Write for other blogs using a freelance writer platform like Elance or oDesk

Be sure to build a reputation in these marketplaces so that you can attract more work as time passes. The better you get at writing blog posts, the more clients will be willing to pay for your services.

Advertise other people’s Products on Your Blog Using Google Adsense or Other ad Networks

One way to make money from your blog is to display ads on it. Some of the most common types of ads to use are Google Adsense or other ad networks. These are called pay-per-click or PPC advertising. They allow you to make money by displaying other people’s ads on your site and earning a commission when someone clicks on them.

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Google Adsense is probably the most well-known PPC advertising network, but others include

  • BuySellAds,
  • media
  • Infolinks.

With Google Adsense, you can sign up for an account and start displaying ads immediately. Any visitor who clicks on one of these ads will generate a small amount of income. The more people that click, the more money you make!

As a general rule, if you want to monetize your blog with PPC advertising, you need to get a lot of traffic. It takes people clicking on the ads for you to make any money. If you don’t have enough traffic, the ads won’t get clicked on, and you won’t be making any money.


Hopefully, this post has made it clear that you can use a blog to earn money online. The barrier to entry is pretty low, and the potential for earning money is high. It all comes down to your dedication and willingness to build up a blog and make it successful. With the right approach, a blog can become your business and an income source. So put in the work, and you could be earning money from your blog sooner than you think.

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