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What is Domain parking?

Domain Parking or a page is a web page that is registered but is not being used momentarily for any service. A domain monetization service is a platform that lets users make money from their parking domains. These domain parking services usually make money by placing relevant ads on user domains. A part of the revenue is then shared with the domain owner. This gives domain owners and publishers a quick and easy way to make money from their unused domains without doing anything.

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If you are New to Domain Parking and Looking for a Good Company to start with. Here I have Complied the List of Best 5 Parking Company which you should give a Try. I have Ordered the list with Best being the top most.

Here are Top Domain Parking companies


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Bodis is very easy to sign up and they do not have a tough approval process. If you have 5 Domains also you can apply for Bodis account and start Parking within few minutes as the approval process is instant. Bodis is good for international Traffic with a Low CTR rate compare to Other parking company but a High CPC for International Traffic compensate for Low CTR. Bodis Pay Nett 15 Days Which means whatever you earned for the particular month will be paid by the 15th of the next month. They Do not have any Minimum Payment Threshold which means if you have earned 1$ also get paid for that payment cycle. They pay by PayPal, Wire and other Methods.

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Voodoo is a good parking alternative if you do not want to try Bodis. Voodoo has a minimum criterion of 10 Domains for applying with them for an account. Based on your Domain Names your account may get approved or rejected. Generally, the Voodoo approval process is not tough and If you have Good Names then you will get approved easily. Voodoo has a higher CTR compare to Bodis and they Pay higher for US Traffic. Voodoo has a minimum payment threshold of 20 US $ and they Pay Nett 30 Days Which means whatever you earned for the particular month will be paid by the 30th of the next month. They pay by PayPal, Wire and other Methods.


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View Sedo’s company overview; the best place to buy, sell and Sedo’s Domain Parking enables you to make money from your domains’ natural traffic! Do you have domain names you don’t use? Put their potential to work for you.
park domains Recently celebrating its eleventh anniversary, Sedo has experienced remarkable success establishing a global domain name marketplace and expanding into a wide selection of domain name services.

Sedo’s top priorities have always focused on research and development as an avenue to innovate and expand services. With a wide range of domain name services and unparalleled customer service, Sedo is positioned to continue its growth as a complete domain service provider with an internationally recognized brand.

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You will receive monthly payouts no later than the 15th of each month. Earnings can be paid out to PayPal accounts starting at a minimum of 20 USD or by direct deposit (minimum of 50 USD).

If you earned less than 20 USD in one month, the funds will remain in your account for up to a year and are paid out as soon as the minimum threshold is met.


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DomainSponsor has a tough Approval process apply only if you have a good number of domains ( Say 30-50 ) still the quality of Domains matters. If you have few good names then it’s better than having many bad names. Having good domains will help in Quick Approval for Parking Company which have a tough approval process like DomainSponsor. Once approved you can start parking with DomainSponsor right away. DS monitor your account traffic for at least Two to three months before setting your account to Pay Status which means your traffic is good and whatever you earned during these first two to three months can be paid. After that, you will be paid Nett 7 days Which means whatever you earned for the particular month will be paid by the 7th of the next month. They pay by PayPal, Wire and other Methods. DomainSponsor have a Minimum Payout Threshold of 50 US $

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ParkingCrew is a good alternative if Bodis and Voodoo is not working as expected for you. They have an approval process for getting an account set up with them. If you have good domains then getting approval is easy. In My Opinion Approval process is not tougher and you can get approved easily if you have Good Names. They Pay Nett 15 days which means Earning for October Months is paid by the 15th of November.ParkingCrew have a minimum Payout Threshold of 20 US $


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RookMedia have an approval Process which is not tough if you have good names. If you guessed Rook Media, you’d be right.’s Domain Maximizer, the industry’s most used domain rotation system, shows that for 2012 Rook Media is the leading parking company for accounts optimized by It’s hard to argue with facts: Rook Media generates more revenue for its partners than anybody else. Rook Media have a minimum Payout Threshold of 50 US $ and they Pay Nett 30 Days

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