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Ultimate Tips to Outsource Animation Studio Jobs

Ultimate Tips to Outsource Animation Studio Jobs
Ultimate Tips to Outsource Animation Studio Jobs

To outsource Animation studio jobs, an animator should be the top priority. Animation is a way of putting life into dead objects to make them able to move and interact virtually. Animation is an artistic movement that predates films and movies. Animators use various ways and types to present objects realistically. Storytellers mainly used it to describe their stories in a more relevant and authentic manner. Imaginary worlds in animated films can rekindle the magic of inspiration and storytelling without the privileges of age.

Types of Animation

Animation has different types, but all of those can be concluded into five main categories. Knowing all these types will make it easy to outsource animation studio jobs.

2D Animation

It is a two-dimensional animation used to create an illusion of photos and videos in a sequence. It is more similar to vector animations used in flash. 2D Animation job is too flexible and easy for beginners as they don’t need to be confident overdrawing skills.

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3D Animation

It is a three-dimensional animation form used to manipulate photos used in films and games. The inanimate objects move like real objects in all aspects. You should have a good knowledge of physics to create 3D animations and less knowledge of drawing to outsource 3D animation studio jobs. 

Traditional Animation

In Traditional Animation, Animator draws objects by hand at a light table, where the animated scene is already highlighted with lights. Many companies and studios still rely on traditional animation and use it in their projects. Traditional Animation jobs can be performed with a computer and lighted tables to draw.

Stop Motion 

It is more familiar with traditional animation as it merges different silent objects that are completely different to show the movement. The stop-motion animator firstly takes a list of photos and then combines them with different objects to create a scene. It is similar to a flip book because the animator repeats the method to complete the scene of photos.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphic is a type of Animation where graphic objects, elements, texts, and shapes are moved in different proportions. Motion graphics are used mainly for advertisements purpose, animated and explainer videos. Motion animator doesn’t need any skill to change perspectives and facial expressions of the body as motion graphic is not driven by storylines and other characters.

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Outsource Animation Studio Jobs

There are more than 200 animated studios are established throughout the world giving their services to all the continents in the productivity of animated films and movies. Out of which many are located in the US, as the US is the hub of animation. Other most active studios are located in the UK, Japan, Canada, and Germany. Some most advanced and influential Animation companies are,

  • Pixar Animation Studios (world best animation Studio)
  • DreamWorks Animation Studios
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Cartoon Network Studios
  • Quantic Animation

You can outsource animation studio jobs by following ways and methods:

Searching Freelancing websites

There are several ways to outsource animation studio jobs. The easiest way to find animators is to search on freelancing specified websites. Finding an online animator is not only the easiest and fastest way to find someone you like but it also ensures that you are spending most safely.

Trial Assignments

Trial assignments should be allotted to an animator, to analyze its skill productivity. The trial is not only about the animation work done by the animator but also gives you an idea about the creativity and time consumption for the completion of the project.

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Post Jobs Advertisements

Posting jobs on studio behalf on different social platforms and website indicates that management is looking for the best-skilled animator. Boosting the job advertisement will let it reach more and more animators according to specific criteria. On the other hand, it may possible that many professionals don’t give attention to any job advertisement except the freelancing sites, this behavior may cause deprivation of some professionals for your company.

Before outsourcing an animation studio job, make sure that the qualified animator has creative, imaginative, good color picking sense, aesthetics, art, and computer skills.

Final Words

The animators as compared to other professional needs much time to complete their work, as their work depends upon their aesthetic choices. Adopt the tactics and ways like trial period to gauge the professional abilities of animators, to outsource animation studio jobs keep in mind that artists have different mindsets to perform any project.

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