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Vivaldi- The Best Productivity Browser for Windows and Android

Vivaldi- The Best Productivity Browser for Windows and Android
Vivaldi- The Best Productivity Browser for Windows and Android

Vivaldi is an online internet browser to search and load data from different websites. The browser caters proudly to power its users in every aspect of browsing. You don’t have to install a junction of extensions to maintain and manage your tabs accurately. One of the most amazing things is that you can customize its view and settings according to your liking and disliking. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are beneficial to lessen the consumption of time. After every single update, the software carries on updating its features smoothly without delay.

This also become a way to make the users more interested in the browsers. While searching on this browser, if you are interested in any piece of content and want to share that with your friends, you can easily take a screenshot with the browser built-in feature on Android and Windows.

The Vivaldi browser is accessible on Android devices as well on Windows. It is also easy for the users to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds within the devices. Here is a detailed note on the Android and Windows about productivity of this browser is given,

For Windows

Vivaldi for windows is downloadable on the official site of the company from your desktop click. After downloading the browser, the installation procedure is quite simple and easy to proceed with. You have to give them access as a freestanding and performing browser.

You can install any other browser from macOS and Windows list. It is a bit critical to add any other app. After finding the required browser, you can add that through the taskbar or dock list with you. For regular app experience, this will open in regular tap experiences and windows.

Close Old Tabs

Vivaldi also provides you easy access to get the browsing history through easy steps. You can get your browsing history instantly after clicking on pops up. The pops up are showing every page you have visited in the past few days.

Through the trash icon at the end of your tab list. The list stores all of your tabs and browser videos. The recently closed tabs will also be shown at that point.

WEB Panel

To have a look at another side or important seal, you can add another web panel along with yours easily. You don’t need an extension or method to change one package from one to another. This method helps you to quickly open other browsers simply by a simple click. You can check two sites at a time to rectify the other switching Tab.

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Vertical Tabs

Unlike Microsoft image, this is another important browser that will help you increase your audience. The tabs are customizable and have accurate topics and length and width. The vertical method of usage allows mobile users also to buy a good phone for better demand. The plenty of tups increases into the actual amount of the tabs.

Instant Working

There are plenty of shortcuts available for this browser. Users can use that to lessen the usage of their time. For instant removal of your latest history, you have to type, Ctrl+ E or cmd +D for tab opening or permanent deletion.

Multiple Functionality

Vivaldi provides offers automation with its ‘Command Chains’ feature. This feature allows you to perform multiple functions on the browser at a single time. The browser can open several sites into one browser. The multiple functionalities of the browsers give you an easy hand to open and close multiple tabs at once.

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For Android

You can use Vivaldi on Android devices by downloading it from the Play Store. The app doesn’t cost much of your device’s memory. One of the most enhanced features that are introduced in the Android and tab is the easy way of Sync. Users don’t have to spend much time clearing data and cache. The app assures its private, easy and seamless workability. Moreover, all the advanced features are also included in the app. Every update of the app is bugs free and end-to-end secured. On the app, you can manage all of your tabs through the Vivaldi icon.


The advanced user interface and the leading features added much to the popularity of this browser. The driven SERPs are also manageable and accurate according to the chromium feature. This is how you can easily view and explore all of your requirements on these browsers with easy-to-use and customizable tools.



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