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VR Kiosk- How it can create a buzz at the tradeshow?

VR Kiosk- How it can create a buzz at the tradeshow
VR Kiosk- How it can create a buzz at the tradeshow

In this digital era of life more and more brands & companies are investing in virtual reality to promote their products or services. Since tradeshows are the best place to promote a business or its products, effective use of VR kiosk mode can create a buzz at a tradeshow to help you attract more prospects.

VR Kiosk is an excellent option for businesses with products that are too big or complex for consumers to get the full experience. It is a superb time-saving and excellent marketing solution to let potential customers know that what the business is capable of manufacturing.

What is VR Kiosk mode?

VR Kiosk mode disables all the interactive features and menus for the end-users and locks them to a specific experience. It provides companies with a simple and effective way to show a particular VR experience by restricting the device to run a particular app or experience. The app or VR content will start automatically whenever a user boots the VR headset. It prevents users from choosing the other menus or options while experiencing exclusive virtual reality content of your business.

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VR Kiosk – get the right attention

AIDA is a classic acronym in the marketing industry that means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. VR kiosk mode allows you to drive the attention of your target audience at tradeshow by letting them know that you offer a virtual reality demo of your products. By developing virtual reality demos for your products, you can effectively boost the interest of prospects in your products. As your audience is usually offered a lot of pitches at the tradeshow, you can stand out with high-quality VR content to become a desire of your potential customers. It will make it a lot easier for your business to encourage your audience to take the action you want.

Benefits of Using VR Kiosk at a Trade Show

Grabbing the attention of your target audience is one of the core purposes of a trade show. By incorporating VR in your marketing efforts, you can stand out among competitors and drive more prospects to your booth. As a result, you will have more customers on your booth that are more likely to share an amazing VR experience on social media apps. It will also help you garner more attention from the media as well.

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In-depth understanding & experience of your products

Another huge benefit of using VR Kiosk in a trade show is that it provides your customers with an opportunity to get an in-depth understanding and real experience of your products. Instead of louder briefings in the busy environment, you can put a VR headset on to take your customers in a totally amazing virtual reality world where they can experience your products more efficiently. 

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No-menu playlist mode

As all menus are removed in the VR Kiosk mode, the one experience or a series of videos will play automatically without using a remote or buttons. If there is a playlist, the next video will continue to play itself once the first one is finished. You will need to remove the headset for five plus seconds to reset the playlist. The headset will be ready for a fresh experience for another customer. You can synchronize VR content across different devices to entertain multiple customers at the same time. It makes product marketing a lot easier for businesses at trade shows.

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Gaze-based Kiosk menu

When there are more videos or products to show, you can opt for a gaze-based Kiosk menu. It allows the users to go through a series of videos without using a remote. The user will just need to stare at the video thumbnail for a couple of seconds and it will play magically. When the user takes off the device for five plus seconds, the app will reset to the Kiosk menu and be ready for the other customers.


VR Kiosk mode can create a buzz at the trade show as it doesn’t let your customers get lost. The mode allows them to experience your products or services seamlessly without using a remote. This way, you ensure that your customer doesn’t turn out to other apps or menus that they shouldn’t experience or watch on a VR device.

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