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want to know what in-site SEO ?

So you want to help improve your website, blog or forums in-site Search Engine Optimization or maybe even want to know what in-site SEO is? Then this article is for you. Keep reading and by the end you’ll have an idea how to start improving your websites in-site SEO. In simple terms, In-Site Search Engine Optimization is Google and other search engines read your website and how it decides on keywords, page titles and descriptions to show in search results.

Firstly, if your using a Content Management System such as WordPress or MyBB do some research into which SEO plugins/extensions are most beneficial. I will use MyBB for example, the MyBB SEO Plugin converts all on-site links into search engine friendly links that clearly tell Google what the title and what the keywords on that page, article or thread are. This does mean you need to focus on creating keyword rich titles, use words you want Google to see you use without keyword spamming. For example if your a Gaming Blog, you don’t want to write ‘COD 8 REVIEW’ as your title, you want ‘Is Call of Duty Ghosts worth buying’ and then frequently call it COD and frequently say ‘review’ in the article itself as many people will search for is so and so worth buying and its easier to rank on than just game review. The SEO Friendly Url’s will also make sure Google reads it as ‘Top 10 Songs of 2013′ and not ‘top-ten-songs-of-2013_39′.

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Secondly, make sure in-site navigation is organised and efficient. This is things such as, say for instance you own a webmaster forum but have a blog too. It’s fine on the main navigation bar for it to say Blog but somewhere on the page you should have the link with the keyword you want such as ‘Webmaster Blog’ but also you don’t want a massive jumble of links and text links on your site.

Thirdly, you should make sure your site has constant unique keyword rich content, if you wonder what I’m talking about then let me explain. You need to regularly post new articles/threads to your website which is unique to your website (not used on any other websites) and you need to have keywords you want to rank in that are related to what your writing included a few times in your post but do it too much and it will look unnatural leading to getting penalized by the search engines so don’t keyword stuff/spam.

Finally, an important factor to keep in mind is your content must be related your sites niche and you should make sure any spam is hidden or deleted from the sight of the search engines because even if you yourself don’t post it you will decrease the in-site Search Engine Optimization of your site.

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To conclude, follow these tips and rules and before you know it your rank on Google and other search engines will sky rocket and I hope coming from this you understand that making sure you site is optimized for search engines is just as important as making sure you have off-site backlinks leading to your site.

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