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What should your content marketing strategy look like in 2016?

Research reveals that about 78% of B2C marketers use content marketing and still only 35% of them say that the strategy is not effective enough. Blindly taking content marketing and hoping it will work is not a useful strategy. In the earlier days of social media, a single tweet could be so effective that it would be heard throughout the world. But today’s consumers are savvier and smarter and they are more concerned about what they pay focus on. If you’re trying your level best to shape your content marketing strategy, here are some strategies that you should adopt in 2016 and 2017 to reap the best benefits.

Make a document of your content marketing strategy

This is the only thing which remains consistent in the world of a content market in spite of all the other changes, documents your strategy. As per the annual research of CMI, those who document their strategies are more likely to consider themselves efficient and effective. They will feel less challenged and will justify spending a huge part of their budget. There’s practically no end to how far you can take your documentation but you should focus on actionable steps. Start by building your case and then back up your efforts.

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Design an audience persona

By now you must have developed and relied on various customer avatars to exactly identify who your target market is and how you should market them. But you should also realize the fact that you need an audience persona for effectively executing your strategy for content marketing. As there are various social media channels, you need to identify who exactly your audience is. Are they blog readers or YouTube viewers? Once you note this down, it will be easier to target such an audience.

Match your ideas with the best content marketing channels

No matter how profound your content is, it will always fall on deaf ears if you use it in the wrong channel. Instead, you should narrow down your ideas and chart them out unless you find out a handful which matches the voice of your brand. Now if you wish to cross-promote your content on Twitter, pull out the best statistics and quotes to share with your audience.

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