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WhatsApp Soon to End Support on These Android and iPhones in 2021

Technology has changed everything about our lives from travel, food communication, and much more. We are living in the digital age, where we are surrounded by new technologies every day. One of the latest things that have come into our lives is the use of smartphones. The best thing about smartphones is that you can use them for anything like finding UK dissertation Help. All you have to do is access your phone and enjoy their services.

Mobile phone technology has come a long way since its advent. We have seen everything from antenna phones to smartphones. The most famous technologies for smartphones are androids and IOS even today.

These are two different operating systems that work for non-Apple and Apple devices respectively. These technologies are what 90% of the phones today use.


It is hard to imagine a life where we do not have the option to use android and Apple devices in today’s world. We agree that other brands have different operating systems for users, but obviously, they are not as efficient or user-friendly.

These operating systems have become such an important part of our lives that we do not even realize it anymore. Whether it’s airdropping photos and media into other iPhone or video calling with or beloved ones on our android devices, we need them a lot of times. 

So, life would actually be harder without help from these devices. People are increasingly shifting towards Apple and Android devices because of their wide applications. 


Regardless of how difficult it seems to live without android and iPhone devices, you may still have to do it if you want to keep using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most used apps around the world, and it has an increasing number of users.

However, we live in the digital world that remains in constant flux. So, it is important to keep yourself updated. As we are stepping into the future, the management of WhatsApp has made some announcements. 

They have explained that after the new update in 2021, several Apple and Android devices cannot run WhatsApp on their devices. So, if you are a frequent Apple user, we suggest that you look at this article.


People are not very happy after this announcement. There are millions of people who are using WhatsApp for their daily use. However, what people fail to understand is that technology keeps advancing, so it is important to keep up with it. If you really love WhatsApp so much then maybe you should think about buying a newer phone


There are various effects that we can expect due to the ban on certain mobile devices. There will be an increase in the selling and buying of phones because people will change their phones. However, some people cannot afford a new phone, and they will be deprived of WhatsApp’s services


You are probably wondering if you will have to change your phone too. If you are, then don’t worry because our experts have researched this matter. Following phone users need to consider changing their phones if they wish to continue using WhatsApp after 2020. Let’s begin!


Let’s talk about software first. The software keeps updating from time to time so that the smartphone operating systems can work faster and better for their users. This software usually auto-update until and unless you have turned the auto-update off.


 Devices that have software earlier than IOS 9 will be unable to run WhatsApp on their Apple device according to the official announcement from Apple. The iOS 9 operating system is the successor of the iOS 8 operating system. 

There were tons of changes that the Apple 9 software. These changes were brought for its users including, changes in the calendar, calling, messaging, and much more. It is one of the bestselling operating systems by Apple. The software inspired the developers to make newer software ahead.

 It was launched in 2015 and has been around for around 5 years now. Maybe this is why Apple chose to upgrade their users to a newer version if they wish to use WhatsApp in 2021


This means you need to check the availability of recent updates if you have an early apple mobile or a device. If your device can update to the minimum required software, then you do not have to worry. This is very less likely if you have an older Apple phone.

So, you should consider upgrading your phone if you wish to keep using WhatsApp on your smartphone maybe you should consider upgrading to a new one.


Things are not looking good for android users either because they will not be able to use WhatsApp on their android devices with operating systems earlier than 2.3.7. The software is more commonly known as gingerbread and has been a part of our lives since December of 2010. 

Majority of the phones operated using the gingerbread software because of its efficiency at that time. The gingerbread software also introduced tons of new things for its users including, faster text typing, better software performance, and much more. People loved the software back at the time of its release.

 But if we consider the present situation and see that we are stepping into 2020. It has been 10 years since gingerbread was launched and thus it is time to advance to something better. 

.So it’s bad news for you if you love the Gingerbread operating system because you will need to change your phone. 


Smartphone companies launch their updates mostly because they want to make their devices faster and better for users. There are tons of changes that usually come with system updates. These updates aim at reducing bugs and problems in the software and ensuring a quality experience for users.

  •  It is a good decision if you are finally considering changing your phone to an upgradable model then. For example, the upgrade in software improves the user interface for their users.
  • The software updates ensure that the users get a user-friendly and visually attractive interface for their daily usage.
  • Secondly, updating your phone software makes your phones faster and more efficient. The world of technology is changing so fast that it is important to keep an eye on newer phone updates. Users claim that their smartphone devices become more efficient when they update them. 
  • Third and most importantly upgrading your phone software improves your all-over user experience with the device for Apple or Android device. 


The most important thing you need to do before you change your phone or, your operating system is backing up your data. You must have a lot of precious data to you if you are a frequent smartphone user. This data includes your photos, chats, and much more.

The easiest way to back up your data is to use cloud-based software. You can easily upload all the important data on that website and secure it. Once you change your phone or your operating system, then you can download the data from the cloud website and use it again.

The best thing about using WhatsApp messenger is that it has its own backup service. This feature is usually on auto, and it saves all your chat and media on its own. The backup usually occurs and 2 a.m. however, it can be different if you have set a different time.

If you have the auto-backup feature turned on, then you do not need to worry because WhatsApp has all your data secured on its server, and you can re-download all your chats and media once you upgrade your phone. 


With all this said, the revolutionary software, WhatsApp is stepping into a new digital age and wants all its users to upgrade their devices and software. WhatsApp has been a part of our lives since 2009 and has become important for us. So, if you are a regular WhatsApp user, make a habit to ensure that your device still supports WhatsApp after 2021.

It will help you with tons of things like contacting UK dissertation help, finding online tutors, and much more. So it is not a bad choice to change your phone for a better smartphone experience! 2021 is the time for you to finally get a new phone that supports WhatsApp or you will be missing out on a lot. WhatsApp is an important part of our life and aids the way we communicate. Therefore, now is the chance. Go buy yourself the phone you have been eyeing for a while now. It will only play in your favor and will help you use WhatsApp with ease.

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