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Why & How to Find Target Audience on Social Media?

Why & How to Find Target Audience on Social Media?
Why & How to Find Target Audience on Social Media?

Are you using Social Media to connect to your potential users? Great, it is!

But, wait, do you know your right audience to target?

As a social media marketer, the most vital thing you do is develop a clear understanding of your social media target audience. Of course, your target audience is what surrounds all factors of your social media strategy.

One point you need to make sure of before anything is: Unless you’re Google, your target audience is not “everyone.” To identify & understand your niche, your priority task is defining your social media audience, so you can dominate it later.

In-depth audience research makes you craft relevant content, ads and messaging. Further, all such leads to better social media ROI and higher conversion rates. Of course, these are critical metrics for all business owners.

Why define your target audience?

First and foremost, why is defining a target audience so essential? Here we are listing out the best ways you can gain the most from marketing to a relevant, targeted audience:

  • Concentrating on a few particular target groups enables you to communicate more effectively.
  • You can allocate money and resources to targeted groups; no wastage of money and efforts.
  • Identifying a selective audience group to target also helps strengthen a brand voice that resonates, amplifying your social media branding endeavours.
  • If you start marketing to a particular target group, you can emerge messaging that positively resonates with them, making it easier to connect with them and earn their loyalty.
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How to define and classify your target audience?

The most common aspects you can base your target audience on:

  • Demographics (location, sex, race, age, occupation, and religion).
  • Psychographics (activities, interests, attitudes, and opinions).

For B2B brands, you can analyze your target audience based on their level of involvement in the decision-making process to buy your product or service, such as initiators, buyers, influencers, users, and decision-makers.

Now that you know why and how to define the target audience on social media, let’s discover the best tips to find out your target audience…

Quick Tips to Find Your Target Audience

1. Identify or build buyer personas

If your company already owns buyer personas, use that information to target your social media audience.

However, if no is the answer, give a thought to who your current customers are…, about their jobs, age, income, etc.

By looking at the analytics, you can find a lot of the demographic details. Follow any current campaigns and monitor your social media numbers. This information should enable you to build on what you already know concerning your audience. And bring out those demographic details.

Also, find the answer to questions like, “What are my users’ pain points?” or “What difficulties does my product or service address?”

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Besides, analyze attributes such as spending patterns, spending power, and their stage of life. All such information represents how customers communicate on social media and consume their money.

An important point, there are chances that you have more than one persona. For instance, if you trade more than one product, it makes sense that you’ll have several personas.

2. Analyze your competitors

Another best approach you can take while trying to flesh out your target audience on social media is to analyze competitors like who they are appealing to or what sort of voice they are using?

At the very first, search for keywords or terms you’re targeting on social media apps and observe what competitors show up.

Further, find out about them by looking at who engages with them or responds to their posts. You can jot down who their top/active followers are, hashtags they use, social networks they’re proactive on, and their engagement rate.

Besides, you can also use your own analytics to see other pages that your audience prefers.

3. Survey Your Customers

What do you do if your customer base is too small or if you’re stepping into a new category? In such scenarios, you can research online behavior or supplement your surveys.

The surveys help you know where your audience hangs out online so you can optimize your social media campaigns that way. It also allows you to spend your ad dollars wisely.

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Check out the questions you can ask your current customers as part of your survey:

  • Which social media platforms do you regularly use?
  • What sites do you visit for information on _______ (for instance, pricing strategies, remodelling ideas, or whatever is relevant to your business)?
  • Are you interested in podcasts? If so, which ones?
  • Do you read blogs? If yes, of which category?
  • What kinds of pages do you follow online?

Tip: Try using free tools like Google Forms to collect your answers.

Ultimately: Find & connect to your target audience with expert help

We know it’s hard to take out the time to find out to your target audience on social media, reach, engage, connect, and even sell to them–you’ve got a lot going on! But experts are available to help.

Find a social media marketing agency specializing in lead generation, sales nurturing, inbound marketing, and more. Being seasoned, they can help you find and define your target audience, plus they have also got all the right tools and strategies to utilize.

Waiting for what? Approach experts, find your target audience on your own, and earn the most out of social media platforms!

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