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PPC ad extensions you should immediately use

We are pretty aware of the fact that all extensions are not created in a similar manner. Irrespective of whether it’s Bing Ads or Google AdWords, ad extensions always maximize your website’s visibility in almost every search engine result pages. Ad extensions even allow for deeper and additional messaging which doesn’t fit within the base […]

Tackling the biggest SEO problem – Duplicate content

For most webmasters and search engine optimizers, the word ‘duplicate content’ simply sends down a shiver through their spines. However, the ultimate truth is...

Sales copy tactics to incorporate and why they work so well

Can you tell us the way in which you sell some product to someone who is not even aware of the fact that he...

AdWords extensions currently live on all types of devices

Google AdWords has recently begun showing the Price extension on all devices and you can read on it in detail in the ‘Services’ page...

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