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Five Spectacular Instagram Feeds for the Globetrotter in You

Off-lately, if you have surfed through the Instagram explore tab, you will have come across bloggers who are making a lifestyle out of blogging, be it for fashion, food, photography or travel. Making a living out of travel blogging is one such subject we have picked today for discussion.

Travel bloggers live out of their backpack and make memories and money both by travel blogging. The proof? – Their impeccable Instagram hashtag feed.

Instagram is a photo display platform and we have gathered today the best of the live Instagram content from travel bloggers to satiate your wanderlust-

Yoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos

The duo from the Philippines goes by the Instagram ID ‘thepoortraveler’, which is quite unlikely to their name. On a hunt for budget travel, the twosome works intensively towards creating budget travel articles and they also run a successful blog.

Topping travel blog charts on USA Today, GoDesti and BlogMeter repeatedly, Dimen & Carlos’s blog fulfills the queries of rookie and professional travelers equally.

If budget travel tips and guidelines are what you are seeking for, head over to their Instagram hashtag feed for visual delight and their blog for friendly travel tips &mistakes to avoid while traveling.

Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath has a spectacular display of live Instagram content on her feed. The colors on her feed mix very well and have the perfect blend for intriguing anyone. Lauren is Australia’s most sought-after travel blogger with a fan following of 465K.

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The traveling woman has a dream feed with vivid skylines, sunsets and water bodies reflecting striking details and dramatic colors. Wildlife, aerial shots and nature’s pictures add to the mystique of her feed.

Undoubtedly, Lauren has made complete use of the Instagram photo display platform. Bath runs The Travel Bootcamp with her team and successfully runs travel campaigns, conferences, and workshops for travel enthusiasts.

Cesar Ovalle

Hailing from São Paulo Brazil, Ovalle displays Instagram posts live on his feed in a modern and aesthetic manner. His pictures reflect modern travel tales with crisp details from city life, pictures by the waters, architecture extravaganza and the game of shadows and lights.

Ovalle’s website is a simplified and segregated approach to photography and travel. Using mobile as his tool for photography (as we read from his Instagram bio), Ovalle has an audience of 393K on the Instagram photo display platform.

Say hello to the travel blogger on Facebook and have a conversation about travel tips and guides with the man himself.

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We are going back to gaping at his Instagram hashtag feed for travel and photography cues.

Allan Edward Hinton

Allan Edward Hinton brings his Instagram feed on his website and shares about his former life in London as a Digital Marketing Manager to his present life as a travel blogger and a photographer. The travel bug stung Allan passionately and led him to quit his job, sell his possessions and step out to explore the world through this travel lens.

Three years down and Allan as ‘chaiwalla’ has a loyal following of 168K on the Instagram photo display platform. Brand collaborations for photography, social media campaigns and content creation, Allan shares his travel stories on his blog with stunning pictures and travel content.

What impresses us the most here is how Allan displays Instagram posts live on his website in sync with Instagram for extensive travel tips!

Ryan Gargiulo

‘Pause the Moment’, quite literally, pause the moment and take a moment to surf through Ryan’s website blog and his Instagram hashtag feed to borrow some travel inspiration and word of advice for the travel bugs.

Ryan travels extensively and it would not be wrong to quote that the world has become Ryan’s home. The explorer and blogger shares that he left his ‘9-5’ job to only take a six-month trip. The trip never ended, instead began, and gave Ryan a wholly new successful profession –travel blogger and digital influencer.

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Rich travel blogs are up on the website which is inclusive of recommendations, short travel guides, smart applications for travelers and more.

Unsolicited advice: Informative blog and alluring pictures may coax you to quit your job. Proceed with caution!

With travel bloggers having an abundance of breath-taking pictures to share from their travels, we recommend using live Instagram walls that are an ideal fit for social campaigns, travel based conferences and events. Live Instagram walls can also display the Instagram feed on websites.

Instagram walls are tools that vividly display and organize your Instagram feed pictures and bring out the best of your feed expanding your follower base and building brand value and user-engagement.

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