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Social Media for Higher Education: How to Inspire Prospective Students to Enroll

Social media is one of the most highly used tools for marketing purposes. Apart from business, social media is also playing a significant role in the ground of education. Due to the pandemic, social media and its application have brought students and teachers closer to digital platforms. ZOOM and Google Meet don’t need any introduction!

Social media brings tremendous growth opportunities if implemented correctly! You can connect with teachers and students globally and can take online courses as per your career choice!

For the educational sector, social media has always worked well and wonders. It has increased the engagement among students and teachers. But when it comes to getting enrolled in a high school or in the admission process of colleges, it is difficult for a student to decide which high school he must choose.

Due to COVID-19 and due to the extreme fee structure, there has been a decline in student enrollment at colleges, high schools, and universities. This is putting up extreme pressure on education marketers to enhance their marketing strategies.

-58% of students search for their desired colleges on social media, a recent study reflected.

With more than 3 billion active users of Facebook and 1 billion active Instagram users, social media is having a complete hold over the information that we are consuming! This is where education marketers have to play with smart tactics and spend their amount. Right or less, but accurately!

If implemented correctly, social media is a great avenue to boost the enrollment rate and to enhance student engagement.

I have compiled a list of 10 helpful strategies that would help you to boost the enrollment rate. Several assignment writing services and providers have also emphasized; by embedding these smart tactics of social media in the promotion of higher education, a high school would be able to drive the attention of students. Let’s have a look.

Virtual tours of the campus life:

The education marketers can use the option of providing virtual tours of campus life to the students who are interested to find their desired college. Show off the beautiful campus of high school via social platforms to boost students’ enrollment.

Famous alumni as influencers:

Educational marketers can ask alumni who have become YouTuber or entrepreneurs to promote their own college. It would be the type of influencer marketing and your famous alumni can work as an education marketer of his own institute. It will also develop a sense of trust among the students and enhance your reach.

Promotion of achievements and values:

The educational institutes must shout out their mission and values clearly. Social media is the biggest help to let your value known to everyone. This would help to represent the environment of your high school as well.

Engagement of students on and off the campus:

The essay writing services in UK also highlighted the importance of social media as students would be able to communicate with their teachers even if they are not able to attend the class due to some reasons. The social media platforms will help them to connect with the teachers even from their homes.

Efficient communication during a crisis:

The education marketers must make sure that they have created an efficient communication system among teachers and students. If there are some extreme crises or unfortunate circumstances, the campus must be able to deliver foolproof information among its students. Also, social media needs active checking as well.

Fundraising and advocacy:

Universities have also given it a try to use social media as a lever for fundraising. The social media teams can run campaigns to collect funds. This amount can be used for the welfare purpose of students and educational institutions. Also, alumni can be invited to become active advocates.

Use of hashtags:

Hashtags play a vital role in the social appearance of the institutions. The educational marketers of the college must make sure to use dedicated social media hashtags to increase their appearance.

Social media directory on the main website:

The educational institutions must create quick directories on their websites. The directory can have social media accounts of different departments of the respective institution. This would be helpful for the searcher to access those accounts via the directory.

Responsive chatbots:

Coming up with responsive chatbots that are available 24/7 for the students is highly recommended. Students expect to receive a reply from a certain high school in a day or two so the chatbots would be helpful enough to send a personalized reply.

Mobile-friendly websites and email marketing:

The educational marketers must emphasize on the websites of educational institutes to be designed user-friendly. This would help the students to access the website from every gadget. Also, educational institutes can use email marketing to enhance the engagement of students with their desired college.


The aforementioned 10 strategies are helpful enough to boost the enrollment of students in a certain college. Also, the educational institutes must use these marketing tactics properly to build better and strong relationships with prospective and current enrollees.

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