How to Market Your Blog on Reddit

When it comes to Reddit, it’s quite difficult to place it in a specific category. There are so many perspectives from which it can be seen. It could be considered a social bookmarking site or a social news site. However, if we were to sum it up, it is a place where people will be able to share the interesting things they will find on the Internet. You can post anything from photos or videos to writing your posts where you ask a question or people’s opinions in regards to a matter. Also, there is no need for the content to be fresh, nor is it necessary to hyperlink it.

Reddit is useful in the process of making a blog, as you can post links to your blog posts or any articles you have been writing. One of the main reasons people choose to join Reddit is the fact that they have the possibility to bring and spread awareness of the content they are creating. It helps them to get the traffic they want for their websites. In doing so, there are a few strategies that need to be applied and about which we are going to talk about next.

How to get Reddit to work for you

So, you have created your blog and wrote several posts that you have previously shared on the social platforms. However, it is not enough. Then, you stumbled upon Reddit and decided to give it a shot. How can you make this move with a maximum rate of success? Let’s see how you can promote your content and why is Reddit one of the best ways to do it.

Before starting to post on Reddit, here are some tips that will maximize your rate of success:

Use the right title

– Usually, Reddit users will create longer titles because there is no room for a description. You should do that too. However, remember that your title should gather three characteristics: Catchy, Descriptive and Relevant.

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Assigning the appropriate Reddit for your post

– Before you start posting, make sure that you will place the post in the suitable category. Placing it in a random one will barely get you any traffic. If you have an article that is not very relevant for the Reddits in there, you can include it on a broader topic.

Do not shorten up those URLs

– One thing you should not be doing is to place short URLs into your posts. Instead, you should post the URLs in their original form. This way, people will be able to see the domain and not get suspicious. One reason for which they do not click on short URLs is that they do not observe the domain, so they tend to believe that there might be entering a malicious site.


– Allow your social skills to develop in this virtual environment. Comment and upvote the links others post. Help others with the answers and suggestions they need. Post links that are interesting to the community and make sure that your page will not look like a leech, because there you have the record of your comments and those of your links.

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Why is Reddit such a great website? Because of the targeted marketing, as you have the possibility to add some Reddit to your front-page. When posting the links in the suitable Reddit, those that are interested in those topics will see your content on their front page too. Another reason for which Reddit is so great is the fact that every blog, regardless of the topic it approaches, will have a place there. Add the awesome community and the fact that it is completely free, and you have the recipe for success.

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