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How to start a business from your garage?

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Being your own boss doesn’t always necessarily mean a flashy shop or an office. You can earn money even from home without paying hundreds for your business space, by moving your money-making ideas into your garage. Regardless of the space you plan to lunch your startup from, a garage business is still a business and it will require some adjustments.  If you are looking for solutions to start a business from, your garage, here are some useful tips that can help you with successfully doing so. You will also need a top garage equipment, but lets first start with the fundamentals:

  1. Analyze legal requirements

Depending on where you are located and in which country you reside, there may be some legal matters that need to be taken care of first. Make sure what you are planning to do is in accordance with local laws and in compliance with zoning laws. Consult the lawyer if needed to gather all the information you need on starting a business from the garage. Although it is your property, it is wise to check whether you are allowed to start a business at that location. Sometimes you will have to be certified to do business, all depending on the laws of your country and your municipality, so make sure you’ve got all the papers in order before you start. It is important to get your business registered and this will prevent you from losing money rather than gaining it.

  1. Check your insurance options
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Speaking of losing money, Starting a business from your garage isn’t only about the quality of services you provide. It is a place where customers come to see and purchase your work so registering your business as a legal one and getting proper insurance for the garage you are working from will save you from potential risks, such as getting sued by customers if a conflict occurs or losing your tools and equipment due to unfortunate circumstances. Being protected by insurance might seem like an extra unwanted cost, but it will ultimately make you feel more comfortable down the road. If you already have home insurance, note that your homeowning insurance won’t protect your garage in case you turn it into a business space, so you will need different insurance for that matter.

  1. Adapt the space you operate with

Now, let’s move to practical matters. Hopefully, you have some ideas and skills you’d like to make money on. Now, the next step is adapting your garage space to that idea. Ask yourself the following questions: How much space do you need and can your business and the equipment needed fit in there? What adaptations you might need to make within that space? How much is that going to cost you? How can you make your garage more appealing to future customers?  And ultimately, is your space enough for what you plan to build for yourself, and if not what is is that you can do to make it work for you? Will your garage be able to accommodate the tools and machines needed for your business and will space allow you to expand? These and similar questions will help you plan the budget garage interior-wise and allow you to calculate the first round of costs when beginning such a business. Ultimately, make the garage space safe for visitors and kids and get the necessary safety equipment if needed, such as protective masks, first aid kits, alarms or security locks and systems.

  1. Get properly advertised
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Now when your space is clean, you ready to mingle and all legal matters are sorted out, the next step to making money from your garage is getting out there and becoming visible to potential customers. The risk you run of working from home and in your neighborhood is that not many people will spot your business at first glance. Invest a little more into a startup campaign and use modern media to get you to be recognized. Visual identity and branding matter a lot and so do marketing techniques. These don’t have to be expensive, as most of the branding and advertising you can do yourself nowadays. Join social media, invite people, use the power of billboards, Yellowpages, newspaper, and local advertising boards.

  1. Challenge yourself on self-management
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When your home becomes the place you work from, expect your private and professional life to be merged. Although it may not seem like it, this will require a lot of flexibility and personal discipline and time management skills. Establish your work hours as it fits, and be ready to do some discussions with family members, especially if you have small children who may come to interrupt you while working, which is why it is important to try and separate family from business. You may also be tempted to work more hours and bite off more than you can chew in terms of workloads, so try to establish a routine for yourself that will prevent you from working long hours every day.


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