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Speed Up Your Smartphone in 5 Minutes or Less

Speed Up Your Smartphone
Speed Up Your Smartphone in 5 Minutes or Less

We all know how frustrating it is when our smartphone starts lagging. All of a sudden, your once speedy phone becomes a snail, taking forever to load simple tasks. Being the owner of a smartphone is like having access to all the world’s knowledge and experiences in your pocket – with so much available at your fingertips, it can be easy to forget about the virtually limitless information and data that is constantly being processed. If you’re sick of dealing with a slow phone, there are some easy things you can do to speed it up. In just 5 minutes or less, you can have your trusty sidekick back to peak performance. Check out these tips to learn how.

Close all Open Apps

Your phone is slow or unresponsive can be extremely frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple solution to increase the speed of your phone is to close all open apps. This will help reduce memory usage on your phone and clear out any data that was left behind in the app. By doing this, you can free up RAM which will give your phone a boost in performance over time and make it run more smoothly. Additionally, most smartphones hold personal data such as usernames and passwords within these apps, so closing them out when you are finished using them can also provide an extra layer of security. So if you find yourself wishing for faster performance on your smartphone, just close all open apps to enjoy the improved performance in no time!

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Uninstall and Delete any Unused Apps

A cluttered phone is a perfect recipe for chaos and distraction. If you’re finding that your attention is pulled away during those precious free moments, it could be time to declutter your devices. Seeing a page full of apps can muddy our priorities and take away from quality free time. The best way to combat this digital distraction is by deleting any unused apps on your phone. This will not only give you more space but also more mental clarity. Knowing that you’ve cleaned up your device and organized the apps in an intentional way will start off each day with a sense of accomplishment without having to do much at all.

Turn off Background App Refresh 

Constant notifications and updates can drain not only the battery life of your device but also your patience. One way to reduce this nuisance is by turning off the background app refresh. This feature allows apps that you have given permission to access in the background to constantly search for new content and update or notify you when something arises. Turning off this setting helps conserve battery, as it prevents apps from searching, collecting, and updating in the background when it isn’t necessary. In addition, some of these updates could contain malicious content which can further damage your device. By toggling this option off in the settings menu of your device, you’ll be able to preserve battery life without having to constantly manage what apps are running in the background.

Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Adjusting your screen brightness is an easy way to drastically reduce the battery power used by your device. By lowering the brightness, you’re reducing how much electricity it needs to power its display, enabling you to get more out of each charge. Not only will this help save energy, but it may also be beneficial for eye health. Studies have suggested that bright screens can cause strain and fatigue on the eyes, whereas gradually dimmer screens make it easier to use your device without having uncomfortable or bothersome side effects. With just a few simple clicks or swipes, you can adjust your screen brightness and make sure you get full use out of every charge.

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Check For Updates

Updating your software is an important part of making sure it functions optimally. The latest version of any software includes fixes for bugs, performance improvements, and the newest features. These benefits can greatly improve the way you interact with the device or program, either allowing for quicker task completion or resolving issues you previously experienced. It’s therefore highly recommended that you check for updates on a regular basis to take advantage of the latest version and all that it offers. Not only will this keep your software functioning at its best, but also give you more control over how you use it.

Remove Excessive Widgets

Widgets take up resources that could be better used for performance

Widgets are a great way to personalize your device and make retrieving information easier, but too many can have an impact on the performance of your device. Widget data constantly updates in the background, taking up valuable resources that could be devoted to other tasks or programs instead. Removing unnecessary widgets can help speed up your device and ensure that it runs smoothly. It’s also important to make sure that you have the latest versions of these widgets, as they can often contain bug fixes or performance improvements. Doing this will free up resources on your device and allow you to use it more effectively.

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Clean Out your Digital Storage

Having too many digital files stored on your device can not only take up storage space but also slow down its performance. The more data that has to be processed or accessed, the slower it will operate. This is especially true if you are running multiple programs at the same time. To improve performance, it’s important to clean out your digital storage and delete any files or programs you don’t need. This will free up resources on your device and help make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.


If you follow these tips, you should see an improvement in your phone’s performance. Smooth-running apps, ample storage space, and a long-lasting battery are all within reach if you take a few minutes to declutter your phone and adjust some settings. Our phones have become invaluable tools in our daily lives and can make many tasks simpler, don’t allow a sluggish device to hinder your progress or be a minor irritation. With just a few easy steps, you can make sure your phone stays running at its peak.

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